Jeff Lebowski’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Area Rug

Jeff Lebowski’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Area Rug

Jeff Lebowski knows how to choose a rug that really ties the room together. Join us as we uncover his secrets to choosing the perfect area rug for any room.


Odds are you’ve either heard of or fallen in love with the cult classic film, “The Big Lebowski.” As one of the most successful Joel and Ethan Coen films, it has wormed its way into our hearts through its quirky story and fun humor.

We love this movie for those same reasons, but also because The Dude’s love for his rug is what sends him on his epic and chaotic journey. Given how the rug really tied the room together, we know that Jeff Lebowski knows how to pick an awesome rug.

If you’re struggling with how to choose an area rug in your home, The Dude and his friends, Walter and Donny, offer up some valuable advice throughout the film. Below, we share how to choose an area rug using popular quotes from “The Big Lebowski.”

“The Dude abides.”

One thing that stays true throughout the film is that The Dude stays unapologetically himself. He has fully accepted who he is - an unemployed bowler who only knows how to take it easy.

When it comes to choosing your own rug, it’s important to stay true to yourself as Dude does. Pick your design aesthetic for the space and make sure your rug fits in and adheres to the room’s look and feel. You don’t want an area rug that clashes with your style or seems out of place.

“Just take it easy, okay?”

As previously mentioned, Dude only knows how to be chill and live a relaxed life. But regardless of how lax you are, there are areas of your home that will take a beating no matter what. For example, areas like your kitchen, hallways, and family room will see a lot of foot traffic over the years. If you need a rug for those high traffic areas, be mindful of the rug’s durability as you’ll want something that will last throughout the years without showing wear and tear.

“Walter, he peed on my rug.”

What pet owner hasn’t said this? If you have pets, Dude understands your pain after a thug peed on his favorite rug. Even if your pets are potty trained, it’s not uncommon for them to get over excited or upset and have an accident. Make sure your favorite rug is protected from unexpected surprises by choosing an easy to clean outdoor rug. If accidents can’t be avoided, extend the life of your rug with these three must-have accessories.

“Careful, man, there’s a beverage here!”

No matter how careful you or your houseguests are, food and beverages will be spilled. It’s a common fact of home ownership. And while some spilled beverages, like club soda and water, are easy to clean up, there are others that will stain and never be removed. Protect your floors with a rug that’s durable and easy to clean like disaster-ready outdoor rugs.

Have a stain you’re hoping to remove from your rug? Check out our rug cleaning tips for natural fiber rugs.

“Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like... your opinion, man.”

As The Dude knows, not everyone’s opinion aligns with your own. While you might like the look and feel of one rug, your partner might think the opposite. It can be hard to reach a unanimous decision without hurting someone’s feelings. Luckily, we offer a try before you buy program. Through our program, you can receive six free rug samples based on your unique style profile. Simply fill out our style profile form and our in-house designer will send you six rug samples that fit your aesthetic and room function.

“This aggression will not stand, man.”

Adopting a line from President George H. Bush, The Dude stands his ground against the other, more rich and influential Jeff Lebowski. He tries to draw a clear line in the sand so that he will not be overlooked or overpowered.

Pick out the right color and texture rug so it doesn’t overpower the other design elements in your space. In addition, try a natural fabric or fiber rug that is friendly, not harsh for the environment. Our own products are sustainable rugs made from 100% naturally green fibers like sisal, jute, seagrass, and more so you can rest assured that your rug is environmentally friendly.

“That rug really tied the room together, did it not?”

Walter and Dude know the value of a good rug - it ties the room together and helps define a unique space. If you’re still on the search for a rug and aren’t sure where to start, fill out our style profile to receive six free rug samples hand-picked by our designer just for you.

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