Keep Your Style on Point with These Trendy Bedroom Rug Ideas

Keep Your Style on Point with These Trendy Bedroom Rug Ideas

Need a little style inspiration to kickstart your bedroom redesign? Try starting with these trendy bedroom rug ideas.


Compared to most rooms in your home, your bedroom is considerably less public. You don’t necessarily need it to dazzle guests. Given that the squeaky wheel tends to get the grease, it’s all too easy to let your bedroom style lapse.

But the most important thing about your home decor isn’t how anyone else feels about it - it’s how you feel about it. And from that perspective, your bedroom may be the most important place in your home to express your style loudly and proudly.

It’s the last place you see before you go to sleep and the first place you are when you wake up. It sets the tone and pace of your whole day. Next time you’ve got the chance, look around your bedroom and consider how even a small redesign might change how you feel about it. Chances are, you’ll be surprised what a difference it could make. 

And one of the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways to kickstart your transition back toward style? Trying out a new bedroom rug. Putting down the right rug can transform your perception of your bedroom space immediately, especially if you choose the right, trendy rug for your personal style. 

As for how to find the right rug to express what you’re going for, you can start right here. Take these ideas into consideration when you’re choosing your next bedroom rug, and you’ll end up with the kind of room you want to see first thing every morning.

bedroom with rug


Coordinate with your bedspread

One of the most stylish ways to bring out the best in your rug and your entire bedroom is to coordinate with your bedroom’s most prominent existing features. For example, if you have a neutral wall color but a vibrant bedspread, try choosing a rug that complements it - either by matching it or by playing off of it in a creative way. You could even color coordinate with other features of your bedroom, like your furniture, doors, wall art, or even your blinds.

Color isn’t the only way you could use rugs to thoughtfully coordinate with the rest of your bedroom decor. If you have hardwood flooring in your bedroom, for example, placing a plush wool rug under your bed would create a beautiful contrast. Plus, it would make getting out of bed at night a lot more comfortable! 

You could even experiment with size coordination: If you have a large bed and wall features, a smaller rug might accentuate the effect. If your bedroom feels small, a large rug may help it feel larger.

blue bedroom coordination

Try a new pattern

When it comes to rug patterns, your imagination is virtually your only limitation. So why not stretch it a little and get creative? First, take a look at your current bedroom with fresh eyes: what are your current design principles? Are there patterns in how you’ve arranged your decor already that you may not have noticed? Does your bedspread complement your flooring, your furniture, your walls, or your blinds? Why or why not? 

Next, think about what adding another pattern into the room would add, enhance, or take away. Consider several alternatives, asking yourself how they might change your perception of your space. For example, an elaborate geometric pattern might help your bedroom feel more ordered and organized. A less defined, more abstract pattern might help get your creative juices flowing. A rug with a very simple pattern or no pattern at all might help you reclaim some simplicity at the end of a long day. 

Expand your thinking to how you could work with a pattern’s colors or textures and you’ll probably start seeing possibilities for your bedroom you’d never imagined.

blue bedroom coordination


Contrast with texture

Even beyond the more obvious pattern options, another element you could put to very stylish use is texture. If your bedroom has mostly smooth walls and furniture, then a richly textured sisal or hemp rug would stand out beautifully, especially if you decided to contrast with its color. On the other hand, if your bedroom is already textured, with wallpaper or distressed walls, woodgrain furniture, or art, then a sleek, smooth rug would further draw out and emphasize the rest of the room.

When it comes to playing with rug texture, keep your bedroom’s flooring in mind. For example, if you have a carpeted bedroom, you could try to choose a rug with a much larger or smaller weave than your carpet’s, creating an eye-pleasing textural contrast. If you have hardwood, you could try to match the grain of the wood with the texture or even pattern of your rug to create an illusion of continuity.

green and  cream coordinated bedroom with matching area rug


Customize your shape or size

There are quite a few different recommended shapes and sizes for bedroom rugs to get you started, but they’re more guidelines than hard-and-fast rules. You don’t need to put your bedroom rug anywhere but exactly where you want it. 

Want to put your rug under your bed? No problem. Want to put it at the foot of your bed? That’s easy, too. Want to create a walkway from your bed to your closet, your bathroom, or your hallway? However you want your rug to work, Sisal can customize the right size and shape for your needs.

Feeling inspired? When you’re ready to kickstart your bedroom reimaginings with the right rug, Sisal Rugs Direct is ready to help. Check out our full, customizable selection to find your fit.


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