Sisal Rugs: The anti-static miracle

Sisal Rugs: The anti-static miracle

Sisal rugs are naturally static-resistant and will prevent static buildup in your home during the winter.


As the cold, dry air of winter arrives, many people have to deal with static electricity taking over their homes. With less moisture in the air to minimize static, every surface in a home becomes susceptible to buildup. Carpet and clothing are especially good insulators for static. Simple acts like walking barefoot on carpeted floors or putting clothes on in the morning can produce uncomfortable shocks.

Popular options for reducing static electricity include using a humidifier, treating rugs with anti-static chemicals and wearing special shoes when walking on carpeted surfaces. Instead of doing the extra work to make your floors produce less static electricity, why not start with a rug that’s naturally static-resistant?

Sisal rugs are the perfect choice for homes prone to static electricity, especially those in cold-weather climates. The natural fiber absorbs energy, maintains normal humidity levels and prevents static buildup. With a sisal rug in the room, you’ll be able to touch surfaces without fear of being shocked. Additionally, sisal rugs are sturdy and beautifully textured, giving your home a cozy feel that’ll warm the room in the winter.

Sisal Rugs Direct has a variety of sisal styles, colors, patterns and sizes. Explore the different sisal collections to find the perfect rug to keep your home warm and static-free this winter.

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