Rug Pad

When shopping for rugs online, you probably have come across the option to buy a rug pad to go with your purchase. If you don't know what a rug pad is, you might brush it off as unnecessary – something that rug companies use to make more money. That is far from the truth, however. Rug pads offer many benefits that make them well worth buying. Here are three reasons why you should consider buying a pad to go with your next area rug. 

1. Safety

When rugs are placed on slick floors like hardwood or tile, they tend to move. This could cause you or someone else in your home to potentially fall and get hurt. Rug pads are designed to stick to the floor and the rug, keeping the rug stationary and your family safe.  

2. Protection

Rug pads offer protection for both your rug and flooring, keeping them in great condition for a longer amount of time.  A rug pad can act like a barrier between the carpet and your hardwood or tile floor.  When you step on any rug the fibers are compressed between your feet and the floor.  A rug pad lessens the amount of pressure on the carpet fibers and prolongs the life of the rug. 

3. Comfort

Some rugs are very durable and stylish, but not very comfortable. Rug pads can be used to add extra comfort. They also can absorb noise to help you create a peaceful and relaxing home. 

Make sure your rugs are safe, protected and comfortable. We offer Rug pads that can be had for both outdoor and indoor rugs and sized exactly as needed.