How to Clean Jute Rugs

Pictured is Jute Mahal color White.



Jute rugs and carpets have some of the softest fibers in the world and feature a hue of natural, undyed colors from white to golden to gray. See below a step by step guide on how to clean a jute rug with proper care:


  1. Use a soft bristle brush and a dab of water or a damp clean white cloth to immediately clean spills on a jute rug.
  2. Scrape solid spills with a dull knife, and then brush with a stiff bristle brush. Follow by vacuuming.
  3. Clean liquid spills on a jute rug by blotting. Avoid rubbing the spill. Club soda may be used to neutralize acidic spills such as red wine or tomato sauce.
  4. Dry any wet spills immediately with a hair dryer or fan.
  5. Treat jute rugs with a sealer. This can minimize the jute fibers’ absorbency and protect the rug from stains. This will allow you a little more time to get any spills cleaned up before they set into the rug. We offer a Sisal Life Protectorant that works great on jute.
  6. Vacuum a jute rug twice a week to prevent dirt accumulating in the jute fibers.
  7. Use a dry-cleaning powder to clean a jute rug. Sprinkle the dry-cleaning powder onto the carpet, and use a stiff bristle brush to clean the jute fibers. We offer the Host Dry Cleaner which comes with a carpet brush and tips for cleaning.

*Never steam clean or wet-shampoo a natural fiber floor covering

*Where to use a Jute rug:  Jute rugs do not like to get wet, so do not place a Jute rug where there is high moisture. Jute rugs are for indoor use, do not use outdoors as the weather and humidity can cause Jute rugs to break down. 

*Vacuuming Bound Rugs: When vacuuming bound area rugs, take special care with the binding border. Do not let the vacuum sit on top of the binding or catch the corner of the rug as it could damage the binding. Also, vacuum in the direction that the binding is sewn so as not to pull up the binding from the rug.  Rugs will not be replaced or repaired due to improper vacuuming or care.

*Overall Cleaning: It is important to control the amount of moisture during cleaning. NEVER steam clean, wet shampoo or any other method that involves water saturation on a natural fiber rug. It is recommended that a dry cleaning process be used.  We offer a Host Cleaning Kit for your convenience which cleans up to a 250 sq. ft. area.

*Binding: For routine maintenance of our woven fabric bindings (canvas and linen), simply vacuum the edge finish as explained above. If excessive soiling or spills occur on the binding, our Sisal Life Cleaner works really well and also reapplies the Sisal Life Protector as it is applied.

To maintain any of our Premium leather bindings, simply wipe the surface with a damp—not wet—cloth or sponge or a leather cleaner/conditioner.