How to Measure a Dining Room Rug

How to Measure a Dining Room Rug

You need a different type of rug for every room in your house. Similarly, the size of your rug will change based on the room it's in. Your dining room, in particular, has a few things you should consider when measuring the size of your rug. Let's get into it!

How to Measure a Dining Room Rug

Dining room rugs are a great addition because they can bring warmth, color, and visual interest to your space. When considering the best rug styles for your dining room, you'll also need to determine the right size. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • To get an accurate picture of how much floor space you have to work with, arrange furniture first. 
  • Measure your dining table, then add about 24 to 36 inches to each side. This will provide room for you to pull out chairs without damaging your hardwood floor. You want all of the chair legs to be on the rug (not on the edge binding) when they are pulled out. 
  • For most dining tables, an 8x10' or 9x12' rug will work. A 5x8' rug is often too small.
  • To create a nice frame for your table and to make your room appear larger, leave about 18 inches of flooring uncovered on each side. 
  • Match the shape of your rug to the shape of the table. A circular rug would go well with a round-shaped table, while a rectangular table would look much better paired with a rectangular rug. 
  • If you have an unconventional setup or dining room, consider a custom-sized rug to make it work. 

Next Steps

Once you've determined the right size rug for your dining room, use tape or string to create a "rug" around the table. This way, you'll know that the size is actually correct when making your purchase later.  We recommend having our Stain Guard applied to any dining room rug to help resist spills and soiling common with eating areas.   

Dining Room Rug Ideas

Once you’ve chosen the right size for your dining room rug, it’s time to look into picking the right one for the room. You’ll want a rug that is both stain resistant and can handle lots of use because, hopefully, you’re having lots of meals around your dinner table.

With those parameters in mind sisal stain-resistant rugs, jute rugs, polypropylene rugs, and seagrass rugs are all good options to look into. Because they can all stand up to use and spills, you can be bold with the colors and patterns you choose for your dining room rug.

From Measuring to Making a Decision

Learning how to measure your dining room rug is just one step of the process. Once you have a handle on what size you need, take a look at our huge selection of natural fiber rugs. And don’t forget, all of them can be customized to the size your dining room needs.


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