When guests first arrive at your hotel, what will they notice? Hopefully, they'll notice a beautiful and well-put-together lobby. First impressions are important in the hospitality business; a dingy or unadorned lobby will leave guests questioning their decision to stay at your hotel. Design a welcoming entryway instead, one that impresses travelers and helps them enjoy their stay. These five accessories will help get you started. 


Whether you hang framed paintings on the wall or stand sculptures in the center of your space, art provides a great way to class up your lobby. Bring in a few abstract pieces to add a modern touch to your hotel or decorate with natural themes to liven up the area. 


Green plants and flowers bring energy to your space. Plus, they provide a fresh scent that both your employees and guests will love. 

A rug

Nothing says comfort better than a rug. For a sophisticated, welcoming look, try a sisal rug. Natural-fiber rugs like sisal are a great solution for lobbies because they stand up to high-traffic areas very well. They also fit into various color schemes and decor. 


Water fountains are soothing and they come in big and small sizes, which means you can incorporate a water fountain into your decor on any budget. If you can invest in a larger design, try a floor fountain for the center of the lobby. A table fountain is a great solution for those who don't have the space or a budget for a floor design. 

Good lighting

Proper lighting is important for any space, but it is especially essential in your hotel. Consider making a statement with a catchy pendant, or if you have a more sophisticated establishment, try a chandelier. Be sure to add ambience with accent lighting as well. 

Set the scene for a positive experience right as your guests walk through the front door. These five accessories can make a big impact on your hotel lobby, helping you design a welcoming and stylish space.