5 Furniture Arrangement Tips to Keep Your Home Fresh

5 Furniture Arrangement Tips to Keep Your Home Fresh

Keep your home feeling fresh and relaxing while stuck inside with these furniture arrangement tips collected for you by the team at Sisal Rugs Direct.


You already know that states nationwide are slowly coming out of mandated lockdowns due to the COVID-19 virus. You've likely already been stuck at home for weeks, if not months. 

Spending so much time in the same space, even if it's a space you love, can be maddening. It’s understandable that you might feel compelled to move things around, shake them up, do something to make your space feel like new. Rearranging your furniture is an easy (and fun!) way to give yourself and your family that newness. 

A DIY home project is a great way to focus on something productive and fun while going through times that aren’t. After some research, we’ve put together the five following furniture arrangement tips to help give your home a fresh, new feel.

5 Fun Furniture Arrangement Tips

#1 - Get some help from technology.

Did you know that there are a considerable amount of different online home and room planners? If you're not sure about moving things around but still want a chance to see what you could do, an app or online solution could be perfect for you. A few of our favorites include Planner 5D, magicplan, and Ikea’s multiple easy-to-use online planners. View the rest of our favorite interior design apps for a full suite of helpful tools.

interior design app

Screenshot from magicplan.

#2 - Measure before moving.

Avoid any unnecessary additional stress by measuring your space and the items within it before moving them. You can track your measurements on paper or in a note on your phone for easy reference. It'll give you a better idea on what you can move and where, making the act of actually moving things more enjoyable overall. And speaking of measuring, there’s an app for that, too. We personally like Measured, but there are plenty of tape measure apps for your phone to choose from.

#3 - Choose a new focal point.

One way to change things up without having to leave the house is to change what your room’s focal point is. A focal point is going to be the center of attention in a room. It could be a television, a fireplace, a piece of art, or a beautiful area rug. It's the thing in a room that draws the eye. If your living room is currently centered around your television, you can try moving things to introduce a new perspective and focus.

#4 - Function alongside form.

When we’re moving things around in our space, it’s easy to go a little overboard. Once things start moving around, it can become chaos in an instant. We can start throwing things around and, once done, realize that nothing quite works. A table might look better in another space, but suddenly you realize that you don’t have a place to set your television remotes. A chair might be neat in one corner but if it doesn’t get good light, how will you read in it? Remember these things when moving things around so that your newly organized space will both look and work great.

#5 - Keep Feng Shui in mind.

Feng shui is an art and science-based practice that originated over three thousand years ago in China. Literally translated, it means "wind and water," signifying the goal of the practice: to create natural flow within one's living space. When you take feng shui into consideration, you have to think about the elements and their roles when decorating your space. You want to make sure energy can flow easily and openly through "portals" like windows and doors. Shape, color, and design of decor matter as well. At its most simple, considering feng shui means giving deep thought to every movement and choice you make for your decor. 

Give Your Home a Fresh Look

We hope that making the most of your home in a safe, easy-to-accomplish way can give you some peace of mind. Hang in there, have a little fun, and maybe consider building a blanket fort or two on your rearranged furniture. When all of this is over, we hope you’ll give Sisal Rugs Direct a visit. We’ll be waiting for you.

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