5 Interior design ideas for spring 2022

5 Interior design ideas for spring 2022

Springtime is a great time to think about redecorating. We have compiled a list of five interior design trends for spring 2022 to inspire you.


Spring is a time of renewal. It’s when we dig ourselves out of our winter blues and start to look forward to brighter days ahead. It’s also a great time to consider adding some excitement to your interior design, either permanently or just for the season. Let’s take a look at some popular interior design ideas for spring 2022. 

1. Liven up your entryway

Your entryway is what greets you when you arrive home and it’s the first impression your guests have when visiting. This room is usually seen as a mere passthrough, so it’s treated as an afterthought. But why not make this space as inviting and well decorated as the rest of your home?

You can set the tone for yourself and your guests by adding a few simple statement pieces and small details, such as a bold paint color, interesting storage, or a piece of furniture not normally expected in an entryway, such as a bookshelf. A little bit of care can turn this transitional space into a welcoming space. 

2. Focus on comfort 

An often overlooked way to bring style and color into your home is with small comfort items like blankets and pillows. A bright cotton blanket thrown over the back of the couch can add a splash of color, while providing a very cozy option for movie night. Pair that with some bright, plush throw pillows to make it feel extra springy.

Or consider a wool rug to bring a bit of luxurious comfort to your hardwood floors. Anything that makes your home feel more restorative is fair play. 

3. Brighten your space with some greenery

It’s getting greener outside, so why not make it greener inside too? Plants are a great way to add brightness and texture to whatever space you’re sprucing up. You can even seek out plants whose colors go well with the other colors in the space, from pops of vibrant purple to more subdued dark greens. And your new plants don’t just have to sit in pots on the floor.

Try hanging some planters from the ceiling or the wall to spread out the greenery. And the best part about plants is that they not only freshen up the look of the room they’re in, they also freshen up the air! 

4. Minimalism + maximalism 

Sure, this may sound counterintuitive. But your house is not a museum! Springtime is a great time to experiment with some new ideas.

So how exactly do you combine minimalism with maximalism? The trick is to have simple, calm, and clean (aka minimalist) areas amid busier, incoherent (maximalist!) areas. One example of this might be a tightly packed gallery wall surrounding a stark white minimalist sculpture. Just remember: there is no wrong way to do it! 

5. Bring in your personal style

Putting your own touch on your interior design is a great way to make your house feel like a home. Skip the home decor stores for this one and dig into your own stash of mementos for inspiration.

Have a pile of old concert ticket stubs? Arrange them in a shadow box frame to memorialize your love of music. Or maybe you have a pile of old artwork your kids have made. Ask them to make something new and frame what they make. One of a kind is the name of the game!

Freshen up with a new rug

There are lots of ways to mix things up as we head into warmer weather. As the temperature rises, adding a natural fiber rug is another great way to refresh any room in your house. You can start by checking out our huge selection of custom natural fiber rugs

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