Add Rustic Charm to Your Getaway with Cabin Runner Rugs

Add Rustic Charm to Your Getaway with Cabin Runner Rugs

These inspirational ideas for using cabin runner rugs to enhance your getaway’s cozy, rustic aesthetic will have you pining to get back to the great outdoors.


Runner rugs are long, rectangular rugs that are usually much longer than they are wide. They’re called “runner” rugs because they’re meant to “run” across nearly the whole length of a long room.

Cabin runner rugs are especially rugged, rustic-looking rugs made to stand up to the wear and tear that comes with cabin living and contribute to a getaway’s cozy vibes.

Runner rugs are a great way to liven up hallways and other transitional areas, make any room more inviting, accent other interior design elements, or create a sense of roominess in an otherwise smaller area. They’re also a stylish and practical way to cover a good deal of floor space without breaking the bank. Cabin runner rugs can accomplish all of this and help you enhance the rustic charm of your vacation space at the same time. 

Here are a couple of reasons to consider placing a few cabin runner rugs in your getaway this coming season, along with ideas to inspire you to make the most of them.

covered patio with an area rug and a covered sofacovered patio with an area rug and a covered sofa

Why runner rugs in your getaway?

Warm up your cabin

A runner rug is a great and easy way to make your cabin that much cozier. Whether you have a small, single-room cabin or a multi-room bungalow, a runner can help grant both the appearance of space and that extra coziness you’re looking for without adding any unnecessary clutter to the room itself. 

Expand your space

Runner rugs are long rugs that naturally attract and lead the eye. Putting one down, especially in a large, single room, is a great way to accentuate the size of the space, making everything (and everyone) feel a little less cramped. The fact that it will make that space all the more comfortable to walk around in is a nice bonus, too.

Bring the room together

Rugs are an excellent way to bring your interior design aesthetic together, especially in spaces where you may not have a lot of room for wall art or furniture. Runner rugs come in a wide variety of textures, patterns, and colors, which will allow you to pick the right one to bring out the natural attractive qualities of the rest of your getaway. 

Wicker baskets in front of a fireplace with a stylish area rug Wicker baskets in front of a fireplace with a stylish area rug

Three ways to add rustic charm with cabin runner rugs

Accent your hardwood

As interior design professional Alex Kalita found out when updating her own home’s look, rugs complement hardwood flooring very well. The right rug can bring out the natural shine and luster of hardwood’s color while highlighting its natural texture and wood grain. The result elevates the look of both the hardwood and the rug, creating the start of a unified and highly attractive design concept to build on and experiment with.

Create comfortable walkways

For all its many perks, one of the only disadvantages of embracing the rustic aesthetic in your getaway is that it usually comes at the expense of comfortable flooring. Chances are, your cabin either has hardwood floors, hard carpet, or even concrete flooring. Cabin rug runners are a great way to make your getaway more comfortable at the same time you’re enhancing its aesthetic.

Cabin rug runners are perfect for creating “natural” walkways through your space. Place a few along the parts of your getaway that get the most foot traffic, such as hallways, living areas, the kitchen, or the bedroom. The first time you wake up to use the bathroom at night and get to enjoy walking on your rug all the way there, you’ll be happy with your decision!

Welcome your guests indoors

Most people would only ever consider keeping rugs securely indoors and out of the elements, but there are all kinds of rugs made of material that makes them perfectly well-suited to less protected use. 

For example, Sisal runner rugs can be made of polypropylene, a material suitable for use in transitional spaces between the outdoors and indoors. With a polypropylene rug, you can enhance your patio deck, porch, screen porch, veranda, or even your outdoor walk-up without worrying about the elements tarnishing your rug. 

As long as you keep your sisal rug out of direct sunlight and don’t let it get wet, a sisal cabin runner will spruce up your indoor-outdoor spaces for years, allowing you to extend your rustic aesthetic out of your getaway itself and into the areas where you probably want to enjoy it most.

If you’re ready to find the right cabin runner rugs for your vacation home, Sisal Rugs is ready to help. Our experts can customize the perfect runner for your needs, giving you a one-of-a-kind rug to put the perfect finishing touches on your rustic getaway.

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