Top 6 Best Jute Rugs Fully Reviewed in 2021

Top 6 Best Jute Rugs Fully Reviewed in 2021

Shop from our top curated selection of jute rugs. We put together the best list with full reviews including specifications, style recommendations, and more!


Do a quick Google search on natural fibers and you’ll find that jute is in the top three. Made from vegetable fibers that have been spun together, the most precious jute comes from the Bengal Delta Plain in India and Bangladesh. 

Often used as a textile for curtains or furniture, jute also makes some of the world's best natural fiber rugs. That’s because they are so soft, not to mention can be woven into a variety of patterns and colors. 

For all you animal lovers, jute is one of the best natural fiber rugs you can have for your pets. Durable and easy to clean, this non-toxic material can stand up to the test of your furry friends. Its versatility is matched by its sustainability. Jute is biodegradable and is harvested with eco-friendly methods.

Still, it can be hard to choose the right jute rug. Fortunately, you can’t really go wrong! Jute works in most rooms in your home. From the entryway to the dining area to the living room, here’s a round up of the best jute rugs we found in 2021.

Our 6 best picks at a glance

Suri Jute Blend Rug CollectionSuri Jute Blend Rug Collection

Suri Jute Blend Rug Collection

There are two trends to keep an eye on when it comes to rugs right now. One is blended fibers and the other is patterns. The Suri Jute Blend rug has both. 

With wool fibers woven in with the jute, it produces a particularly soft blend that works great in bedrooms or living rooms—places you can walk around barefoot and really enjoy the comfort of this combo. 

This jute rug also comes in five different earth-tone colors, making it easy to match with decor around your home. Additionally, it comes with over 45 color options for a cotton rug border so you can really dial in the look. Rugs start at around $111 for a two by three feet.

Basketweave Jute Rug CollectionBasketweave Jute Rug Collection

Basketweave Jute Rug Collection

Demure is out. Chunky is in. This is one of the reasons we love the Basketweave jute rug. Its bold weave adds extra spring and comfort, while still serving style. 

Every Basketweave rug is a handwoven, unique work of art. Consider it for higher traffic areas like a doorway or runner. Because of its extra soft feel, it also works great in living spaces where people congregate.  

In addition, this rug comes with eight different border options to help you tailor it to the vibe of your rooms. Cotton, canvas, and leather are some of the materials you can accent this natural fiber rug with. Prices start at $39, for a two by three foot rug. 

Oval Jute Rug 6'x9'Oval Jute Rug 6'x9'

Oval Jute Rug

This rug is vintage—as in made with vintage weaving techniques that have been passed down over the years. While the method might be throwback, the style of this Oval Jute rug is undeniably stylish. 

It also ranks very high on the durability scale. Put it up against the places in your home you use the most. Think dining room, game room, or anywhere else people congregate. Because of its unique shape it will make these popular spaces pop with very little effort on your part.

The Oval Jute rug comes in three distinguished colors. Don’t sleep on the gray and ivory options. They keep their warmth while offering a new perspective on this natural fiber. Available only in six by nine feet, it's priced at $300.

Round Jute RugsRound Jute Rugs

Round Jute Rugs

It's got beauty. It's got grace. It's got durability. It’s the Round Jute rug. Tightly woven by hand, the borders between weaves transform into one, sturdy, circular piece.

While smaller than its oval counterpart, the Round Jute can stand up to just as much usage. This makes it a perfect fit for entryways and smaller dining spaces. It’s pared down size can help rooms look larger, so it’s an excellent addition to apartment living.

Available in three colors and three sizes, the Round Jute is bound to spruce up any room you choose. Ranging from four to eight feet round, the four footer starts at $95.

Mahal Jute Rug CollectionMahal Jute Rug Collection

Mahal Jute Rug Collection 

The Mahal Jute rug is a piece that has a certain finesse to it. Woven in almost a never-ending braid like manner, the fibers give a bit of shine while still being ever so soft under your feet. 

While some jute rugs are constricted to earth tones, this rug also spans into grays and ivories. When you’re looking to add some pop in a room while still maintaining a natural look, this is a great option. 

Available in an assortment of borders and shapes, you can make this rug fit your needs. Be it fancy or casual, Mahal Jute rugs can rise to the occasion. With four colors to choose from, pricing starts at $95.34 for a two by three size.

Bengal Jute Rug CollectionBengal Jute Rug Collection

Bengal Jute Rug Collection

Why have one tone when you can have two? A blend of two slightly different colored jute fibers, the Bengal Jute rug is a beautiful display of what jute can do. They’re handwoven, so no two rugs are exactly the same.

Both comfortable and able to stand up to usage, the Bengal Jute rug is a stylish addition to bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. It’s the perfect jute rug to consider when you want to add something special to a space. It also layers well with other rugs. 

The rug comes in two earth-tone hues, tan and taupe. Cotton and leather borders are both available. It’s also one of our rugs that can be made in a variety of shapes like square and octagonal. For less than $45, you can start your Bengal Jute rug journey with one that is two by three feet in size.

Jute Do It

There are many excellent options when it comes to finding the best jute rug for your home. Be playful with the color, shape, and size you choose. In the end, the jute rug you go with should be the one that works best for you. Look through our full collection to find the perfect fit.

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