Are Jute Rugs Soft or Scratchy?

Are Jute Rugs Soft or Scratchy?

Are jute rugs soft? How do they compare to other natural fiber area rugs? Read this post to find out the answer.


Jute rugs are an incredibly popular rug style for a number of reasons. They're made from natural fibers, making them safe for your home, family, and pets. They're stylish, coming in a range of neutral colors and weaves to make it easy to work into your home decor.

But one question that many online shoppers have is: Are jute rugs soft? After all, it's impossible to tell how soft and comfortable a rug is virtually, right?

As makers of hand-crafted and custom-cut jute rugs, we have a little insight here.

Below we explain just how soft jute rugs are and if that softness equals durability.

Are Jute Rugs Soft?

Simply put: Yes, jute rugs are soft. 

The jute plant is naturally soft, shiny, and long. When harvested, those soft fibers are then spun, bundled, and soaked in water to further soften the tissues of the plant fiber. As a result, jute rugs are one of the softest natural area rugs available today. While jute is very soft, it is still a durable area rug material, making it the ideal area rug option for most homes. In addition to the soft fibers, jute rugs are also very comfortable due to their thick bold weave, making for a cushiony feel underfoot.

soft jute round rug

Want to make your jute rug even softer? Purchase a rug padRug pads have great benefits like adding more cushioning to the rug, making it much softer underfoot as well as helping prolong the life of the rug. 

Jute Rugs Are Soft, But Are They Durable?

Jute rugs are soft, but they’re also durable. In fact, jute was once the fiber of choice for ropes on ships, proving that jute fibers are extremely strong and tough. This strength in fiber, combined with a tight weave, will help your jute area rug stand up to feet, paws, furniture depressions, and more. 

But where is the best place for a soft, yet strong jute rug?

Because they feature the best of both worlds, jute rugs can be placed nearly anywhere in your home. They can withstand high-traffic areas like hallways. They can also add some much-needed comfort to your living or family room. Jute rugs should not be placed in the bathroom or outdoors. As with most natural fiber area rugs, you don’t want to get them wet. Therefore, moist areas like a bathroom should be avoided.

Soft, Strong & Stylish

Jute area rugs have all of the features you’re looking for in a good rug. They’re soft on the feet. They’re strong against stains. And they come in a variety of styles to complement any design.

Want to see how soft jute rugs are for yourself? Use our Try Before You Buy program to experience the softness of jute first-hand, without needing to spend a dime.

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