Choosing the Perfect Jute Rug for Your Home

Choosing the Perfect Jute Rug for Your Home

Meet some of the most popular jute rugs available from Sisal Rugs Direct and learn about how to choose the right one for your home at the same time!


Jute rugs are incredibly popular. They're some of the best selling rugs on our website - and for good reason. If you didn’t already know, jute rugs are made from long vegetable fibers that are spun into durable, textured strands that are then woven into various shapes and sizes.They’ve earned their popularity by being natural in color, incredibly durable, eco-friendly, and adaptable.

The only real problem with jute rugs... is choosing the right one for your home! That’s why we’ve taken the work out of the decision and profiled some of our favorite jute rug varieties in today’s post.

Mahal Jute Rug

Jute rugs stay within a small window of close, natural colors and tones. Because they're such a popular natural fiber, most homeowners and designers are interested in them keeping their natural look. This means that the most common colorways for jute rugs will be various shades of cool and warm tan. These aren't the only shades available, however. If you're interested in a jute rug but want to keep with a more stark and modern aesthetic, you should check out the Mahal Jute Rug in white. It gives you the texture and appearance of traditional jute, but in a unique colorway.

Round Jute Rug

There are a lot of different reasons why the ideal rug for you might be a round one. Round rugs are perfect for rug layering, they help make small rooms feel larger, and they can work in awkward spaces traditional rectangular rugs don't. Our tan Round Jute Rug ticks all these boxes while possessing the durability and warm, neutral coloring jute rugs are known for. 

Basketweave Jute Rug

There are a few common weaves when it comes to jute rugs, and basketweave is one of the most popular on the list. Basketweave jute rugs offer a nice, consistent texture and look that can go with any home decor. They’re also ever-so-slightly softer than your average still soft jute rug because of the small square pockets of fiber that come through in the weave. 

Oval Jute Rug

Rectangle rugs are cool. Square rugs are great. Round rugs are interesting. Oval rugs… are all of those and then some. Oval rugs allow you to cover nearly as much surface area as a rectangular rug without getting as wide as round ones. They’re great for homeowners that want to keep the lines in their home more natural and curvy. This more organic appearance marries well with the color palette of our Oval Jute Rugs, coming in both a lighter warm and cooler medium gray.

We’ve listed some of our favorite specific jute rugs above, but if you want to browse for yourself, go ahead and check out our catalog page! Remember: the perfect jute rug for your home is going to be the one that makes you go “ooh” when you see it. That’s the beauty of the right home decor: sometimes all it takes to make your day is to step on a rug you chose yourself and be reminded that you’ve got great taste. 

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