Considerations for creating a customized rug: Jute

Considerations for creating a customized rug: Jute

Learn more about the styles of jute rugs available from Sisal Rugs Direct and find the right fit for your next custom rug.


Jute is the softest of all natural fibers and a popular fiber for rugs in areas like the bedroom or family room where bare feet are common. Even more durable than cotton, jute is a comfy choice that can also withstand areas with higher foot traffic. Jute is also known for its naturally warm tones. All of Sisal Rug Directs' jute offerings are undyed in order to showcase the fiber’s natural tones. Follow this quick guide to learn more about what makes each jute style unique and to determine which is right for your custom rug.


Our newest jute offering is the thickest and chunkiest jute rug that we could find!  It brings dimension and texture to any space.  The jute fibers can be found in four distinct, undyed and natural tones ranging from a gray in Storm to the mellow Harvest. 


Woven in a basketweave pattern, this jute rug is thick and durable, yet incredibly soft. In fact, the Basketweave jute is one of the softest natural fiber rug offerings from Sisal Rugs Direct. With a soothing, naturally soft texture and long-lasting durability, this jute continues to be a popular selection for customized rugs and is available in two colors, clay or graystone.


Jute Mahal rugs feature a chunky, braided texture that creates a visually intriguing pattern and catches the eye. The thick weave will also bring warmth to the room, especially one with hard surface floors. Available in artic gold, birch, wheat and white, the Jute Mahal will be a beautiful and comfy addition to your home.

Round and oval borderless

The round and oval borderless jute rugs are two of Sisal Rugs’ bestsellers. Braided in a certain way to appear borderless, these traditional rug designs add a warm, vintage touch to any room. Both styles are offered in tan, gray and arctic white.

Whichever style of jute you choose for your custom natural fiber rug, you can’t go wrong with this durable, renewable fiber that feels great underfoot.

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