Get a Laid-Back Look with Boho Bedroom Rugs

Get a Laid-Back Look with Boho Bedroom Rugs

Boho bedrooms are all about embracing free-spirited decor and comfort. Adding a boho rug only makes that experience richer. Here are our favorites.


Bohemian style is all about creating a comfy, easy-going space full of plush textures and natural materials. What better way is there to make your bedroom a restful sanctuary? 

What sets the boho bedroom rug apart is its ability to transcend the ordinary. It's not merely a floor covering but a statement, a testament to the spirit of adventure and self-expression. The allure of the boho rug lies in its imperfections, its embrace of faded hues, and the subtle traces of time that add character and authenticity.

Let’s take a look at how to add a boho rug to your bedroom to create a cozy space full of artistic expression.

Why add a rug to your boho bedroom?

A boho bedroom thrives on layers, bold colors, and textures that transport you to faraway lands. But in this sensory feast, one element can extend the experience more than any other – a boho rug. 

In a boho bedroom, the rug serves as an anchor, grounding the space in warmth and comfort. It should be a versatile foundation, adapting effortlessly to various design elements, whether topped with vintage furniture, echoing vibrant bedding, or surrounded by an array of eclectic decor. The heart of the boho rug is its versatility, which acts as a canvas for personal creativity and expressing your unique style.

Beyond the look of your room, adding a rug (or two—more on that later) can add depth to the tactile experience of being in your boho bedroom. Velvet curtains, a plush down comforter, and satin sheets are all enhanced when the additional texture of a rug is added to the space. 

Finding the right size for your boho bedroom rug

Choosing the right size rug for a design philosophy that’s all about anything goes may seem like a contradiction. But in true bohemian spirit, it’s best to think of it more like a dance between the practical and the aesthetic, ensuring your bedroom feels both whimsical and spacious. 

Finding the right size rug starts with finding what size feels right. 

So, cast aside the measuring tape (for a moment, at least) and imagine your ideal environment. How do you want your feet to feel when they first touch the morning floor? Do you long for the luxurious embrace of a wool rug stretching beneath your bed, or perhaps the cool smoothness of jute welcoming your bare soles near the vanity? Let your desires guide you and you won’t go wrong. 

Now, picture the visual harmony. Aim for the size that frames your bed like a cozy nest, its edges peeking out 12-18 inches on either side and at the foot of the bed. When you have the perfect look in mind, you can measure your bedroom to make sure reality matches your dreams. And don’t forget, balance is key. In smaller bedrooms, leave some breathing room around the edges to ensure that the space feels open and inviting.

Layering rugs for a bohemian vibe

Rug layering is a popular design choice in lots of interior design styles. But in a boho bedroom, layering rugs is more than just a practical solution for covering more floor space. The essence of boho rug layering is creating a harmonious blend of grounded neutrals and bursts of color that evokes a sense of calming chaos in the way only bohemian decor can. 

After all, in the bohemian orchestra, dissonance is just another harmony. To that end, don't be afraid to let colors clash and patterns bump up against each other. Trust your intuition, create unexpected pairings, and embrace the hodgepodge that is your very own boho bedroom.

Layering also plays with scale and shape. A smaller round rug might peek out from under a larger rectangular one, creating a playful conversation on the floor. This incongruity adds to the design-as-you-go nature of the bohemian aesthetic. 

Styling your boho-asis

Unlike the rigid rules of traditional design, boho style celebrates a joyful dance of colors, textures, and patterns, all woven together to reflect your unique spirit. And when it comes to your boho bedroom rug, it’s more than just a foot warmer; it’s a vibrant canvas that sets the stage for a laid-back lounge.

But boho isn't all sunshine and desert blooms. It also craves the calming whisper of the moonlit desert sky. Deep navy blue and jewel tones lend a sense of tranquility, inviting restful sleep and dreamy reveries. Their presence adds a touch of serenity, reminding you that even the most vibrant adventures need a quiet corner to rest and recharge.

Remember, above all else, picking the right boho bedroom rug is all about expressing your unique personality. So, have fun, experiment, and let your creativity flow! With the right boho rug as your foundation, you'll be drifting off to dreams of wanderlust and comfort in no time.

Find the boho bedroom rug of your dreams

Have you been envisioning an ideal rug, but you simply can’t find it anywhere? Our expansive selection of rug styles and materials is sure to have exactly what you have in mind. Browse our full selection of custom rugs and find your perfect boho bedroom rug today. 

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