How To Find The Best Rug To Handle Spring Weather

How To Find The Best Rug To Handle Spring Weather

After a long, cold winter, many people welcome the spring season. And why wouldn't they? Spring is when the temperature begins to rise, flowers start to bloom, and the dirty snow finally melts. An excellent way to mark the season's changing is to freshen up your rugs. Here’s all you need to know about choosing the best spring area rug for your home.



Why get spring rugs?

As the snow melts and it starts to rain more often, the ground becomes muddy, and that mud often gets tracked into the home. With the right selection of spring rugs, however, you can prevent dirt and mud from mucking up the inside of your home and fully embrace the warmer weather. 

By placing a spring rug outside the door and another inside the entryway of your home, you can give family members the chance to wipe off their shoes before removing them. Just be sure that the spring rugs you choose can withstand heavy foot traffic and moisture. 

Best Materials for Spring Rugs

While natural fiber rugs are durable and great in many high-traffic areas inside your home, polypropylene is better suited to handle springtime water and mud being tracked in from the outdoors. Additionally, it won't fade or form mildew when exposed to the elements.

Polypropylene rugs come in many different colors and designs, but if you prefer the simple, organic style that natural-fiber rugs provide, you can easily find a polypropylene rug to match your taste. 

How to design spring rugs

There are many ways to work spring area rugs into your seasonal style at home.

Here are a few tips for spring decorating:

  1. Give life to your entryway. Since the spring rug will already be combating outdoor moisture, a fun pattern or color will add more warmth to the space.
  2. Bring in greenery. Adding plants around your rugs will help give off that verdant spring vibe.
  3. Have fun with it! Try something new with your spring rug, and make sure it reflects your personal style. It’s only for a season so you can change it if you don’t like it. 

Spring Forward

Springtime will be here before you know it. Get ahead of your spring decorating with one of our many spring rugs. Check out our selection of outdoor and indoor rugs today to narrow your options and find rugs that are both stylish and practical.


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