6 Natural Fiber Rugs Perfect for Your Home Office

6 Natural Fiber Rugs Perfect for Your Home Office

Make choosing the right office rug for your home as easy as possible with help from this blog post courtesy of the team at Sisal Rugs Direct.


Choosing the right rug for any room in your home can be a difficult task. It needs to fit your existing decor style, your practical needs, and your budget. Sure, you could just choose at random and, if you’re purchasing from Sisal Rugs Direct, things will work out just fine. The thing is, though… you deserve better than that. 

This is especially true if the room you’re shopping for is your home office. You spend eight hours a day in there, at minimum, and you deserve a space that is as comfortable, stylish, and adaptable as you are. To make the process easier, we’ve taken a look through our catalog and hand-picked six of our favorite natural fiber rugs that are perfect for any home office.

A Custom Seagrass Rug 

Seagrass is a less well-known natural rug fiber, but that doesn't make it any less excellent as an option for your home office. Seagrass is one of the most stain-resistant natural fibers, which means that it can handle a spilled cup of morning coffee or two. Rugs made from this material are a good pick for anyone who wants a natural, undyed neutral look for their workspace.

Diamond Wool Sisal Rug

There are plenty of reasons to choose a natural fiber area rug for your office. It could be because you enjoy having environmentally friendly materials in your home, or because you like the soft but durable feel they tend to have. Whichever reason, the Diamond Wool Sisal Rug is a prime example of a natural fiber rug. It stands out as a top option for the home office because it has the traditional trappings of a natural fiber rug we’ve mentioned before but elevates them with a modern, angular diamond pattern. Natural but new - perfect for making your space more inspiring!

Round Jute Rug

Imagine your office. Your desk, your computer, your chair. There are a lot of ninety degree angles involved in this mental image. Squares and rectangles don't have to overwhelm the natural flow of your home office. You can add some curvature with a Round Jute Rug in a nice, welcoming grey or tan neutral.

Moroccan Trellis Wool Rug

If you're looking for a natural fiber rug, it's more likely than not that you expect to choose one that comes in a neutral shade. Tans, browns, and greys are the most commonly found tones in natural rugs since they're more often than not undyed. They're not the only option, however. If you want to keep your rug made from a natural fiber but also prefer brighter colors, we recommend looking at our Moroccan Trellis Wool Rug. True, it's offered in charcoal grey and heathery tan, but it's also available in a beautiful opaque indigo blue.

Dorado Sisal Rug

We like the Dorado Sisal Rug for this list for a few different reasons. First, it comes in a wide variety of shades from dark cool brown to softer, warmer tans that can add depth and coziness to a space. With a rug like this in your workspace, you can start calling it your "study" instead of your "office." That aside, it's one of our sisal options with a flatter weave, making it easy to move your office chair on it without hitting snags.

Arrow Patterned Sisal Rug

We love sisal rugs. We wouldn’t have made them our namesake otherwise. One variety of sisal rug we offer as both bestseller and office decor favorite is the Arrow Patterned Sisal Rug. It has a natural, neutral brightness that works well with any design style, making it an ideal choice for this list. The Arrow sisal ticks many boxes: uniquely patterned, eco-friendly, and with a low pile that’s office chair friendly. As an added bonus, it's incredibly soft underfoot - meaning that if you want to slide your slippers off for your mid-morning meeting, your feet will remain comfy.

Natural fiber rugs are an excellent solution for anyone who wants to curate a work space that’s breathable, comfortable, and calm. The rugs listed in this post are only a selection of the many favorites we have available, so if you want to see more you can take time to check out the wide selection available online from Sisal Rugs Direct.

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