Keep Your Sisal Rug in Great Shape with Regular Vacuuming

Keep Your Sisal Rug in Great Shape with Regular Vacuuming

With a natural fiber rug regular vacuuming is the best thing that you can do to keep your rug looking like new. There are some things you need to keep in mind when vacuuming. Read more now.


Woven from natural fibers, sisal rugs require care different from what their synthetic alternatives need. They can’t be cleaned with shampoos, steam cleaners or any of the other wet solutions common for rugs. How, then, are you supposed to clean your sisal rug? Surprisingly, the simple task of vacuuming is the best way to keep your sisal rug in excellent condition.

Since natural fibers are usually harder than synthetic fibers, dirt isn’t able to cling to them. Instead, the dirt rests loosely on the weave and can be removed easily with a vacuum. Regular and frequent vacuuming with a strong suction-only vacuum will help maintain your rug’s fresh appearance and prevent dirt build-up that could damage the rug in the long run. For the best results on a sisal rug, vacuum from different directions and cover each area multiple times. This will allow the vacuum to reach the dirt from all angles and ensure better overall cleaning.

If you don’t have a suction-only vacuum, make sure to turn off any beater bar settings when cleaning your rug. The friction from the brushing of the beater bar can erode and damage the natural fibers, decreasing the life of your rug. The beater bar may also flatten your rug and cause it to look worn. For the best results while vacuuming, keep the beater bar off or opt for the preferred suction-only vacuum.

Finally, be careful when vacuuming rugs with bindings. Don’t let the vacuum sit on top of the binding or get the suction too close to the corners. Doing so could loosen and damage the binding, which will in turn loosen the rug’s weave and cause it to fray more quickly.

These vacuuming tips will work on all forms of sisal rugs, including sisal wool and sisal boucle. For cleaning tips on other natural fiber rugs, browse Sisal Rugs’ Care and Cleaning page.

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