Pet-Friendly Area Rugs: 3 Reasons Why Pets Love Natural Fiber Rugs

Pet-Friendly Area Rugs: 3 Reasons Why Pets Love Natural Fiber Rugs

Need a relaxing spot for your pet? Find out why a natural fiber area rug is the perfect pet-friendly solution with our three reasons why pets love rugs.


If you are a proud pet owner, you know that no area of your home is safe from their fur or pawprints. Animals are hard to clean up after, which is why choosing the right area rug for your pet-filled home can be a tough decision. You don’t want a beautiful, yet impractical rug that your furry companion will ruin within a few weeks. Instead, you need a rug that will last for years to come, be easy to clean, and be something your furry friend will love.

Luckily for you, pets love natural fiber rugs. Natural fibers like jute, sisal, seagrass, and more make the perfect pet-friendly area rug that is beautiful, durable, and comfortable at the same time. But don’t just take our word for it—take it from your pets! Below, we dive into the four reasons why pets love natural fiber rugs.

1. Freedom to Play

If your home is decorated with antique furniture, crystal decor, or foreign rugs, it’s safe to say your home wasn’t designed for a pet. Pets have a happy habit of entertaining themselves by jumping on the furniture, trotting around the house, and getting their dander on just about everything. Having easily broken or ruined items around your house only limits your pet’s ability to have fun and enjoy the home as much as you do.

With natural fiber rugs, your dog, cat, bunny, or other beloved pet can finally be themselves. Without having to worry about scratching your hardwood floors or staining an oriental rug, your pets can live in a care-free home. Seagrass rugs especially allow all of the dirt and mud from your best friend’s paws to disappear right through the weaves.

Dog standing on a pet friendly sun sisal area rug

2. Soft on the Paws

No one likes sleeping on the hardwood or tile floor as it’s stiff and unforgiving. Not to mention the fact that standing on such floors for hours each day puts a strain on your feet. In fact, it’s probably for this reason that our pets love to jump on our furniture or curl up in a pile of blankets. So if we wouldn’t lounge on our own hard floors, why should our pets?

Natural fiber area rugs offer the perfect place for your pets to lay down after trekking in the yard or playing with their favorite toy. They provide a little extra cushion from the hard surfaces of your home, but are still easy to play on when needed. An outdoor sisal rug is a great fit for your patio as well, giving your pet’s paws some relief from the sun-baked floors.

dog laying on sand color boucle sisal rug

3. Zero Stray Threads

Rugs with fringe and loose, shaggy fibers are no doubt fun to play with, but inhaling threads of fabric or getting tangled in loose snags is not enjoyable. It also means that the rug is easy to ruin after only a little bit of wear and tear. And as the homeowner, that is the last thing you want in a pet-friendly rug.

To protect the quality of your rug and prevent any snags or tangles, natural fiber rugs are tightly woven together. Other shaggy or cotton rugs are easily picked apart by clawing cats and digging dogs, but the thick weaves of natural fiber will keep your rug together through it all. In addition, our natural fiber area rugs come with secure binding to eliminate any loose fringes or weaves at the ends of your rug.

two cats laying on sisal rug - pet friendly sisal rugs

If you think your furry friend would love a natural fiber rug to lounge on, check out one of our many pet-friendly area rugs.

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