Reconnect with Nature from Home with Biophilic Rugs

Reconnect with Nature from Home with Biophilic Rugs

Biophilic rugs celebrate the beauty of the natural world. These natural fiber options are the perfect way to help your home feel more connected to nature.


The word “biophilia” comes from the Latin bio (Iife) and philia (lover or love of). In common usage, it means “the human desire or tendency to commune with nature” - in other words, our collective love of nature.

Biophilic design is a philosophy of architectural and interior design that is focused on evoking the natural world. Think of open concepts, natural light, water features, earth tones, hardwoods, indoor plants, and nature motifs such as leaves, grasses, or vines. The overarching goal of the biophilic design philosophy is to make spaces that celebrate the beauty of nature.

Advocates for biophilic design believe the feelings of connectivity and closeness to nature the design philosophy inspires can have health and wellness benefits (in addition to looking great).

What Kind of Materials are Right for Biophilic Rugs?

Naturally (see what we did there), when it comes to biophilic rugs, natural fibers are the way to go. Each of the following fibers is naturally and sustainably sourced, woven into a rug by hand, and provides the perfect kind of texture and color to make any space feel that much more connected to the natural world.

sisal rugs from Sisal Rugs Direct


Sisal fibers are harvested from the long, stiff leaves of the flowering cactus plant of the same name. Sisal cacti are native to southern Mexico but have been widely cultivated for commercial use in other countries. The fibers are so durable and flexible that they’re traditionally used to make rope and twine. 

Sisal rugs are highly sustainable and eco-friendly, richly textured and warm, and highly durable, making them an excellent choice for enhancing the biophilic design of virtually any space.

Top Sisal choices for biophilic rugs

Maya Sisal Rug Collection

With its intricate but subtle wave-like pattern, the Maya Sisal Rug evokes waves, shoreline, and coastal decor. Slight variations in its color and texture across the weave add depth and dimension that further enhances the rug’s naturalistic beauty. 


Brasilia Extra Wide Sisal Rug Collection

To make the Brasilia Extra Wide Sisal Rug, we weave together high-quality sisal fibers using a jumbo boucle weave. This technique makes the Brasilia even tighter, flatter, and more textured than most sisal rugs. Brasilia's tightly woven, slightly irregular appearance makes it perfect for biophilic aesthetics.


Seagrass rugs are woven from the undyed fibers of dried sedge plants. This plant produces reed-like fibers that are strong and flexible with a naturally neutral color palette of light-brown, beige, and sage green. The natural variations in color and hue mean no two rugs woven of seagrass look exactly the same, though they all have a distinctive basket-like, intricate weaving.

Seagrass rugs are sustainable to produce, highly durable, stain-resistant, and surprisingly soft. Their color will fade to a neutral tan or khaki color over time, further enhancing their naturalistic impression.

Seagrass Area Rug Collection

autumn brush hemp rug with chair


Hemp rugs are woven from another naturally occurring, un-dyed, and sustainably sourced fiber derived from the woody core of hemp stems (also known as basts). Hemp rugs are available in two unique color shades: Autumn brush or Winter walk, both of which come from the natural color of the fibers themselves.

All hemp rugs are hand-loomed, which can result in slight irregularities in the weave, such as minor bowing and skewing. These irregularities may make the rugs look less than perfectly straight, but they will also enhance their naturally imperfect appearance, making hemp rugs perfect for biophilic aesthetics.

Hemp Grass Rug Collection

jute braided home spiral rugs


Jute rugs are made from natural jute fibers harvested from the bast of flowering Corchorus plants. Sisal sources these plants sustainably, exclusively from the Benegal Delta Plains, and handcrafts them into tightly woven, eco-friendly rugs.

All of the jute rugs Sisal Direct offers are undyed and come in natural, neutral brown, beige, 

Grey, and white tones. Jute is not quite as sturdy as some of the other natural fibers on this list, but it is softer than most, making it an ideal choice for rooms you’ll walk around in with bare feet, such as your bedroom.  

Top Jute choices for biophilic rugs

Mahal Jute Rug Collection

The Jute Mahal rug features a blend of jute fibers hand woven together to create a chunky, braided weave in an irregular pattern that enhances the naturalistic feel and beauty of the texture. Available in multiple colors, the Jute Mahal rug is a highly adaptable and durable rug that’s perfect for any interior space.

Suri Jute Wool Blend Rug Collection

The Suri Jute Rug is hand-loomed using a combination of jute and natural wool fibers. The dyed wool fibers add vibrancy while enhancing the naturally rich, neutral undyed color of the jute, creating an eye-catching, two-toned hue that adds even more depth and texture to the rug. 

These are a few of our favorites, but it’s far from an exhaustive list of the biophilic rugs we offer. When you’re ready to find the perfect biophilic rug for your home, check out our custom rug creator to get started.

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