Style Guide: How to Style Your Master Bedroom in 5 Easy Steps

Style Guide: How to Style Your Master Bedroom in 5 Easy Steps

Master bedrooms are personal sanctuaries. Make sure your master has the perfect mix of personality, comfort, and relaxation with our master bedroom style guide.


After an exhausting day or evening, the master bedroom can sometimes feel like your own personal oasis. You’re free from the daily grind, your favorite blanket rests on the bed, and it’s one of the quietest places in your home. And because the master bedroom is such an important personal sanctuary, it can be tricky for new homeowners or designers to style.

For the best master suite, it needs to have the right mix of personality, relaxation, and comfort. To help you style your master bedroom with confidence, we’ve outlined five easy steps you can take to design the perfect master bedroom.

1. Select a Style

The first step to any interior design project is to pick a style. From contemporary to mid-century modern to coastal design, it’s important that the style you choose is reflective of your tastes and is something you won’t easily tire of. And if you have a partner you share the room with, it’s best to consult on a style with them as well. No one wants to wake up each morning to a room they don’t feel belongs to them.

The style you select will help influence everything in your room, including the bedding, furniture, wall coverings, and proudly displayed knicknacks. While the style will serve as your template going forward, remember that it’s okay to deviate from time to time. Your style should serve as a guideline, not a rulebook. At the end of the day, you’re the one that will have to live with it!

2. Color the Walls

Hands down the hardest decision to make when designing a master bedroom is picking the wall color. With an endless range of colors to choose from, it’s an overwhelming decision to make. And because this will likely be the first color you see each morning, it’s crucial that you pick a color you won’t get sick of.

To create a relaxing, calm environment, we recommend going with one of our natural color pallet ideas. In addition, the color should go with the style you selected as well as the furniture and décor you already have picked out. But before buying gallons of paint and plastering them on your walls, take samples and paint patches of color on your existing walls to test them out. Your patches should be a couple of coats thick so your test has the most accurate color. If you like what you see after a few days or weeks, you know you have the right color for your master.

3. Move in the Basics

Once the walls are painted, it’s time to start putting the room together. If style is a guideline to follow, the furniture is the template you’ll work off of. To begin, start with selecting and moving in the big furniture items every complete master bedroom needs. This includes the bed frame, mattress, end tables, wardrobes, and other must-have furniture items.

Once the furniture is in the room, you can start arranging the items to your liking. While arranging your furniture, pay special attention to your morning and nightly routines. For example, if the first thing you do in the mornings is change out of your pajamas, you may want to place the wardrobe near your bed for fast access. Or, if you like to wake up to the morning sun, place your bed in the direct line of an east-facing window.

4. Create Warmth

One of the best assets to any master bedroom is an element of comfort and warmth. With an excess number of pillows, blankets, rugs, and quilts, master bedrooms have a homey, relaxing feel that lulls you to sleep each night. Comfort items also help create a sense of security — after all, there’s a reason it’s called a ‘security blanket’!

Warm up your bedroom with rugs and blankets to create extra comfort while you sleep, lounge, or walk around your room. For the best level of comfort, try a soft sisal or a wool sisal rug. But before purchasing or laying down a rug, make sure you choose the best rug size for your bedroom. This ensures you have the perfect sized rug to comfort your feet all day long and minimize footfall noise.

Do you have carpet in your bedroom? You can still add more warmth and comfort to your space by following our guide on how to place a rug on carpet.

5. Add Happy Details

The best way to enjoy any space is to surround yourself with happy reminders and memories. It’s important that you design your room for yourself and not for others by placing things that make you happy throughout the room. This could be trinkets or mementos that you’ve picked up on your travels, paintings that were handed down through your family, or other treasured items you’ve acquired in your life. The important thing is that your bedroom and the items in it make you happy.

Now that you know how to design your master bedroom, don’t forget to check back here for more style guides to use in your home. If you’re ready for more interior design tips, check out these four ideas for using sisal rugs to add style to your interior design.

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