Make Your Dining Room Stand Out With These 5 Design Ideas + 15 Shoppable Rugs

Make Your Dining Room Stand Out With These 5 Design Ideas + 15 Shoppable Rugs

Dining rooms are the entertainment hub of your home. Here are fun and creative ways you can design your dining room to wow and welcome guests.


Your dining room sees a lot of action when it comes to entertaining guests in your home, making it one of the most important rooms to style correctly. While it’s easy to simply select a nice table, hang up some pictures, and call it a day, that still leaves a lot on the table (should you pardon the pun) when trying to create a functional and beautiful space. 

To help you make your dining room all it can be, here are our favorite dining room rug ideas we’ve gathered over the years.

Go rustic with a farmhouse dining room 

When chosen thoughtfully, the right rug can bring the charm and warmth of a country homestead right into your dining space. 

To achieve the ideal farmhouse ambiance, your choice of materials is most important. Opt for natural fibers like jute or sisal. These durable materials exude a sense of simplicity and coziness, which are essential aspects of farmhouse decor. The less refined texture of these materials enhances the overall rustic aesthetic. 

With the material picked out, the rest is up to you. Just be sure the color you choose is neutral, such as muted browns, soft greens, and warm tans that evoke the natural colors of the countryside. This will round out the rural atmosphere in your dining room. 

Get funky with a patterned rug

To avoid creating a dining room that is just a table, chairs, and painted walls, use patterns to your advantage. Adding a patterned rug to your dining room can infuse the space with a unique and vibrant personality. 

One practical advantage of a patterned rug is that it can mask any potential spills or stains, which are not uncommon in dining rooms. Although it’s important to clean major spills as quickly as possible, it’s still useful to have a busy design to distract the eye. 

Whether it features geometric shapes or abstract designs, a rug with a funky pattern can bring a sense of playfulness and energy to your dining space.

Keep it classy with a traditional dining room

If you want to deck your dining room out in something a little more timeless, consider going for a traditional dining room style. Traditional dining room rugs often feature warm and rich earth tones and subtle patterns. The idea is not to overwhelm the rest of the space.  

Layering rugs can also be a good technique for adding a traditional feel to your dining room’s decor. You might place a smaller, intricately patterned rug on top of a larger, solid-colored rug. This layering adds depth and visual interest, creating a sense of opulence and charm. 

Another approach to creating a traditional dining room is to place a rug with its own classic pattern under your dining room table. The elegance of a Greek key pattern, houndstooth, or simple stripes are all right at home in a traditional dining room.

Create a chic and modern dining room

Modern interior design often emphasizes the play of textures and materials, and a rug with a captivating texture can contribute significantly. Whether you’re going for a strictly minimalist feel or more of a mid-century modern design, your dining rug choice can make all the difference. 

Clean lines, geometric shapes, and a streamlined aesthetic are characteristic of a modern look. Consider rugs with a solid color, ideally black, white, or off-white. Another chic and modern look is combining black and white in a striking pattern or design. 

If your home has a modern vibe throughout, it’s likely that you have an open concept layout. In this type of space, a rug can act as a visual anchor, providing a clear boundary between the living room area and dining room area. This not only adds structure but also imparts a sense of intention to each space. 

Add warmth and texture with a golden sisal dining room rug

When you want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your dining room, a sisal rug in a golden color is a great choice. The golden hue of the sisal rug helps to establish a sense of comfort and warmth. 

Sisal rugs are known for their natural texture, which complement the smooth, polished surfaces of traditional dining room furniture. This contrast adds depth and character to the dining room that will make it feel even homier. 

Whether your dining room’s style leans classic or is full on contemporary, a golden sisal rug will fit right in. Its golden warmth complements just about any type of dining room decor, mirroring the warm food you and your family share.

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