Warm Up Your Home This Winter With Our 10 Best Warm Tone Rugs

Warm Up Your Home This Winter With Our 10 Best Warm Tone Rugs

When the temperature drops, it’s time to get cozy. Blankets and hot chocolate are a good start, but to really make your space comfortable for those long winter nights, you need a nice, warm rug. And what better way to lean into that feeling of warmth than with a warm tone rug?



What does it take to make a warm look warm? It’s actually quite simple: one of the most basic aspects of color theory is the idea of warm colors and cool colors. The warm side of the color spectrum includes red tones, orange tones, and yellow tones. Stick with these and you’re on your way to evoking feelings of sitting around a fireplace, nestling into a pile of blankets, or a fresh loaf of bread. 

But warm does not always mean bright. Plenty of bright color rugs will fall on the cool side of the color spectrum. And lots of neutral color rugs can really bring the heat. It’s all about cultivating a homey, snuggly feeling in your home’s decor.  

To help you find the rug that will add the perfect amount of warmth to your home, we’ve collected 12 of our favorite warm-tone rugs that will have you feeling ready for winter. 

1. Bali Sisal Blend Rug in Golden

It doesn’t get much warmer than the feeling of the summer sun on your face. That’s why this Bali Sisal Blend rug in Golden is at the top of our list. The rich golden tones woven into this rug give your space a little slice of a bright summer’s day during those cold, dark nights of winter. 

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2. Carmen Polysilk Rug in Merlot

Yes, this rug is woven with warm red, maroon, and warm tan fibers. Nearly the full spectrum of warm tones are represented in this rug. However, what really captures this rug’s warmth is in the name of this particular color option: merlot. Enjoying a glass of merlot while watching the falling snow is a pleasant, cozy feeling, and this rug brings that warm feeling to your living room floor. 

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3. Boucle Sisal Rug in Bamboo

The warming radiance of a fireplace is an ancient wintertime pleasure. This rug emulates that feelinging, evoking the glow of a roaring fire dancing against the wall. The orange undertones of the sisal fibers are an understated but unmistakable source of visual warmth, no fire required.

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4. Cedar Bay Polypropylene Rug in Coral

Not everyone wants to be subtle about how they incorporate warm tones into their interior design. For those who like a more literal representation of warmth, this rug just might do the trick. The bright red-orange color and rounded diamond design resemble the blaze of a bonfire. And even better, the polypropylene fibers make it decidedly safer and softer than real fire. 

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5. Capri Sisal Rug in Beige

A rug doesn’t have to represent something literal like fire or even an abstract concept like the feeling of sipping on a glass of wine. Sometimes all you want is to have a rug add a sense of “ahh, that feels nice” to your interior design. The light, golden orange tone of this rug delivers warmth without overstating itself.  

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6. Hemp Grass Rug in Autumn Brush 

A rug’s tone does not need to be bright to be warm. The hemp grass rug is a perfect example of this. Somewhere between golden and tan, it sits comfortably in the middle of the warm tone spectrum while echoing the darker browns and beiges of autumnal decor.  

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7. Merino Wool Rug in Wheatberry 

Finally, a rug that’s as warm to your feet as it is to your eyes! This Merino Wool rug is among the softest we offer. It also has a fun, almost party-like pattern done up in light yellow and beige tones that will keep you feeling merry and bright.  

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8. Prato Sisal Rug in Tan 

Another entry in the category of understated warm tone rugs, the Prato Sisal rug in Tan does not call attention to itself. Instead, this rug is happy to give center stage to the other decorative elements that make up your interior design. But even as a subtle decorative support piece, it provides an unmistakable source of visual warmth that will have your living room looking nice and toasty. 

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9. Suri Jute Blend Rug in Brick


While other rugs emulate the glow of a fire or the actual flames themselves, the Suri Jute Blend rug completes the bricks used to build a fireplace. The fire yellow and brick red tones combine with the texture of the jute to create a complete fireplace feeling. You can almost feel the heat radiating from the rug! 

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10. Montego Polypropylene in Bronze 

Warm feelings don’t have to rely on the obvious presence of red, yellow, and orange. They can be achieved through less direct routes, like in our Montego Polypropylene rug. The golden, beige, and even slightly orange tones may not leap off this rug, but their presence makes an unmistakably warm and cozy impression. 

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Warm up your winter decor

We love the interior design trend of updating your decor for every season, and these warm-tone rugs make it easy to transition into winter with warmth and style. If you need even more inspiration for this winter or want to endure the season by thinking of decorating for warmer months ahead, check out our full selection of custom rugs

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