7 Hotel Decoration Ideas To Upgrade Your Lobby Space

7 Hotel Decoration Ideas To Upgrade Your Lobby Space

Design a welcoming entry to your hotel with these 7 Decor ideas to upgrade your hotel lobby to guarantee a good first impression for your guests and set the tone for their stay.


When guests first arrive at your hotel reception area, what will they notice? Will they spot your tastefully designed sitting area or the abstract piece of artwork behind the front desk? Will your guests feel welcome and comfortable walking inside, or will they be scared off by ragged rugs and unsightly stains? Hopefully, the first thing guests notice is your outstanding hotel lobby design.

A well put-together lobby can make or break visitors’ first impressions of your space—and first impressions are incredibly important in the hospitality business. A dingy, unadorned lobby may leave your guests questioning their decision to stay at your hotel. Instead, try the ideas below to design a welcoming entryway that impresses travelers and helps them enjoy their stay. 

7 Hotel Lobby Design Ideas to Totally Transform Your Space

Making over your hotel lobby doesn’t have to be too costly or time-consuming. You can transform this important communal space and improve hotel guests’ experiences with just a small change here and a minor tweak there. If you’re ready to get started, the seven hotel decoration ideas below will help. 

#1 — Wow with Wall Art

wall art in a hotelwall art in a hotel

Whether you hang framed paintings on the walls or stand sculptures in the center of your space, art makes for some of the best modern hotel lobby design, and the options are truly endless.

Incorporating art by local artists or pieces that represent nearby landmarks will make a lasting impression on guests. The pieces will add creativity and life to the hotel space and highlight the best features of the surrounding community, which shows guests how passionate the hotel is about the area and its people.

There are countless types of art pieces to consider for your hotel, including tapestries, macrame hangings, even murals in an Art Deco style. Even if your hotel is part of a chain, unique artwork can help your location stand apart from others and create a personalized experience for your guests.

#2 - Make Your Hotel More Spacious with Mirrors

hotel room with mirrorshotel room with mirrors

Mirrors work miracles as hotel décor. They can make the smallest room look spacious and open. The bigger the mirror, the more spacious a room appears—and the more comfortable guests will feel. Consider using large mirrors with elaborate frames as wall décor, or try turning a whole wall into a mirror.

The smaller, more modern the mirror, the more contemporary the hotel lobby design. Big or small, mirrors bring in natural light, setting the mood as they enter the lobby. It all depends on the look you’re trying to accomplish for your public spaces.

#3 — Show Off Your Green Thumb

plant wall in a hotelplant wall in a hotel

Plants are always in style. As one of the hottest hospitality design trends, this hotel lobby decoration idea is stylish, sophisticated, and sustainable—and it doesn’t require too much upkeep.

Bring the outdoors in—and guarantee your lobby always smells great—by incorporating a few fresh plants or a full, floor to ceiling, wall garden close to your reception desk.

#4 — Add Depth With A Custom Area Rug

custom area rug in a hotelcustom area rug in a hotel

Separate your lobby entrance from the sitting area with a Boucle Sisal area rug in Bambu.

Nothing says comfort better than cozy carpet or a regal rug. For a sophisticated, welcoming look in your hotel lobby, try a commercial area rug. Our contract-grade area rugs are a great option for lobbies of all shapes and sizes, because they stand up to heavy traffic. They also fit in with a variety of color schemes and decor.

To create separation in a large lobby or multi-room suite, a large sisal area rug may be the perfect solution. Or, try wall-to-wall hotel carpet to add even more cushion and comfort to each of your hotel spaces. Don’t forget the rug pads for your guests’ superior comfort and your carpet’s protection.


#5 — Spring for a Fountain

large fountain in the middle of a hotel lobbylarge fountain in the middle of a hotel lobby

Water fountains aren’t just for the outdoors. In addition to fresh, green plants and lush florals, fresh, flowing water can help bring the outdoors into your hotel lobby, too. Once your guests step inside, help them feel relaxed and at ease with soothing sounds that rival a babbling brook.

Indoor water fountains are available in a multitude of styles and sizes, which means you can add a water fountain to your hotel lobby no matter what your budget. If you can invest in a larger design, consider installing a statement fountain in the center of the lobby floor as a focal point. A table fountain is a great solution for those who don't have the space or the budget for a larger floor design.

#6 — Light Up the Room

lamps in a hotel lobbylamps in a hotel lobby

Lighting is necessary for any space, so you might as well make it stylish. If you’re on the hunt for new hotel design ideas, unique lamps and lampshades are an easy fix.

We recommend choosing lighting fixtures—including floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights, and sconces—that make a statement in your hotel lobby. Consider adding a pendant, or even hang a chandelier above the desk, for a little added class. Be sure to add ambience with accent lighting, as well.

#7 - Furnish Your Tables

tablecloth in hotel restauranttablecloth in hotel restaurant

A simple, yet amazing way to raise your lobby’s appeal is to thoughtfully furnish your tables. Go for table clothes that compliment your overall design and add centerpieces that reflect the season or local culture. It could be a sleek, modern vase or a rustic, hand-crafted bowl; these touches significantly affect the ambiance. These details not only add to the decor but also serve to make guests feel informed and at home. Integrating these elements with care and creativity will ensure your tables are not just furniture, but key components of a welcoming and memorable lobby experience.

Love Your Lobby (And Make Sure Your Guests Love It, Too)

If you’ve been wondering how to design a hotel lobby, we hope the ideas above inspire you to get started designing your dream lobby today. Try these tips to give your guests even more than they expect and set the scene for a positive experience from the moment they walk through the front door. These small hotel lobby decoration ideas will make a big impact on your space.

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