Choosing The Best Laundry Room Rug

Choosing The Best Laundry Room Rug

Every room in your house deserves a little style, including the one where you wash all your clothes. Considering you spend a good deal of time in the laundry room, it's worth sprucing it up with a nice rug. But what makes a good laundry room rug? Here’s our guide to what to look for.



Rug Safety

Don’t laugh! Rug safety is a thing. The last thing you want is to trip and fall over your laundry room rug. There are a few major hazards that rugs can cause, especially in a laundry setting.

  • Tripping - Rugs can make you trip when they begin to unflatten. Your foot can get caught on where it rises up. You’ll need a rug that can stand up to being cleaned regularly to maintain its flatness.
  • Slipping - Laundry rooms are naturally moist areas. The last thing you need in that environment is a rug that moves around. To secure it, you’ll need a laundry room rug that works with a rug pad to keep it in place.
  • How to fix curling corners - Over time, you may notice the corners of your rug curl up. It’s a natural occurrence but can also lead to tripping over your laundry room rug. To fix a curling rug corner, you can steam or iron the corners flat. Adding weight also works, or you can add a curl stopper to each edge to keep them down. 

Moisture Friendliness

Next to the bathroom, the laundry room in your house is the one that experiences the most humidity. Therefore you need a rug that deals with moisture well. Consider a polysilk rug for the job. They feel like natural wool rugs but are very good at repelling water.

The reason you want a laundry room rug that works well with moisture is so that you don’t end up with mold and mildew. Often triggered by exposure to heat and humidity, it's the last thing you want to deal with. Using a humidifier, letting in sunlight and fresh air, and immediately cleaning up any spilled water are also ways you can help combat mold and mildew on your laundry room rug.

Light & Bright Colors

Laundry rooms are usually in tucked away parts of the home–the basement or a side room. They can be cramped and even dreary. So when picking the perfect laundry room rug, opt for a splash of color. Even light colors will help liven up the space. Avoid dark colors that will make it look more grim. 


A laundry room rug will always add a special touch to the space. No matter the size, we’ve got a wide variety of rugs that can stand up to laundry room use plus add some brightness to your day. Check out our huge selection of custom rugs to find the right one for you!

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