Keep Things Dry with a Waterproof Runner Rug

Keep Things Dry with a Waterproof Runner Rug

Waterproof runner rugs actively resist water absorption, making them perfect for places where they may get wet, such as entryways, bathrooms, or even pools.



Have you ever considered putting a rug down around your pool? Or in your humid, unfinished basement? Or even… outside? If the very idea is shocking to you, we don’t blame you. Many of us grew up being taught to never even carry a drink over the rugs in the house, for fear of tripping and creating a stain that “will never come out.”

But not all rugs are quite so stain-prone. Waterproof rugs aren’t just capable of being used in places where they’re likely to get wet; they’re made for those spaces. And they come in any shape or size you might need.

Case in point: the waterproof runner rug. Runner rugs are long, rectangular rugs that are perfect for creating natural, safe, and soft walkways across spaces. This is what you should know about waterproof runner rugs, including how you can get yours right now.

Why should I consider getting a waterproof runner rug?

When most people think of why waterproof rugs are appealing, their first thought is probably about stain prevention. And it’s true: waterproof rugs do a great job of repelling spills and other liquids, making them great for areas where spills are likely.

But stain prevention isn’t the only reason to get a waterproof runner rug. They’re also an excellent way to make potentially slippery areas much safer to walk around in. Instead of sinking into the fibers where it can saturate the rug and stain or prompt mold growth like it would on some rugs, water sits on top of waterproof rugs. That makes it very easy to spot and clean off immediately before anyone can slip on it. 

Where should I use a waterproof runner rug?

Waterproof rugs are a great fit for entryways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, decks and porches. We even have outdoor rugs that are highly suitable for outdoor pool areas. Placing a waterproof rug in a potentially slippery area instantly makes it safer, especially if you put a rug pad under it to keep it from moving around. 

For example, putting a waterproof runner rug down in your entryway or mud room is a great way to make sure no one slips coming into your home. 

Runner rugs are especially useful for these functions because you can make them as long and wide as you want to protect walkways of any size. You could use a waterproof runner to make a dry, safe walkway through any slippery areas inside or outside of your home. 

What materials work best for a waterproof runner rug?

The best material for a truly durable, completely waterproof runner rug is polypropylene, sometimes known as “outdoor sisal.” This synthetic fiber has a few qualities that make it perfect for both indoors and outdoors, including:


First and foremost, polypropylene is the most waterproof fiber rugs can be made from. The synthetic fiber is highly water-resistant, repelling moisture to prevent saturation or stains. When polypropylene rugs get wet, all you have to do is shake them off or sweep off the moisture, and you’ll have a dry rug again.

Polypropylene is also the most mold and mildew-resistant rug fiber, making it perfect for indoor/outdoor use, bathrooms, basements, or entryways. Even if moisture sits on a polypropylene rug for an extended period, mold will not grow into the fibers of the rug. 


As a synthetic fiber, polypropylene is also considerably more strong, durable, and tear-resistant than most organic fibers. This makes it perfect for areas that need a hardy rug that can withstand heavy use. 

The high durability of polypropylene also makes it a natural fit for spaces where pets roam free. Even the most excited clawing and stampeding won’t be able to rip up a polypropylene runner rug.


Polypropylene rugs are extremely easy to clean. We recommend simply using a hose to power wash both sides of a polypropylene waterproof runner rug under most circumstances. You could even apply a mild soap. Just lay the rug down on a sloped surface such as a driveway and hose it down, then hang it up to dry in direct sunlight.


Polypropylene is UV-treated to help it resist mold and mildew growth. This treatment also helps it maintain its color even when exposed to direct sunlight. Expect polypropylene to stay looking fresh and new even if you place it outside. 


Yes! Polypropylene is softer than many of our natural fiber rugs. If you want even more cushioning, you can also add a waterproof rug pad beneath your rug.

Fully customizable

Polypropylene is also one of the fibers best suited to creating customizable runner rugs because it can be easily cut into any size or shape you need. No matter how long, short, wide, or thin you’d like your waterproof runner rug to be, we can accommodate you with polypropylene.

If you’re interested in a waterproof runner rug, check out our indoor/outdoor polypropylene options and start customizing right away.


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