Fall Interior Design Trends

Fall Interior Design Trends

Fall brings new colors, weather, daylight, and design. Discover the latest interior design trends and update your home for the fall season with some help from the home experts at Sisal Rugs Direct.


Nothing can stop the changing of the seasons and, with them, the changing of seasonal trends. This summer we found the trends gearing towards ways of making your home more quarantine friendly. We were looking at antimicrobial materials and remote work friendly space development.

Now that we’re into the second half of 2020, an already incredibly singular year, we’re seeing the further development of these trends. Now that homeowners have become more settled into lives with more time spent at home, trends have shifted toward how to make home... well... homier. 

Comfort. Coziness. Ease. These are the underlying themes beneath all the fall interior design trends we’ve researched and listed for you in today’s post.

Our Top Fall Interior Design Trends

Going into the fall season is an exciting time; you can break out your favorite pair of boots, partake in fall festivals, and enjoy perfectly mild “sweater weather.” But it can also be an exciting time for your home.

Fall represents the perfect time to give your home’s interior design an update that’s on-trend with fall’s unique color, vibe, and style. The best part? An updated look doesn’t have to mean a whole new design.


#1  - Earth Tones that Reflect the Season

Luxury sofa fabricLuxury sofa fabric

This might be surprising, considering this year’s Pantone Color of the Year is the cool, deep Classic blue. The fact of the matter is, people miss the outdoors. This is being reflected in homeowners making design choices that bring the tones of nature straight into their living spaces.

Shades like olive green, yellow ochre, and burnt orange not only bring warmth but also a connection to the great outdoors. On top of that, earth tones can easily be introduced in a number of different ways: wall colors, linens, or even natural fiber rugs.


#2 - Floral Wallpaper to Make the Home Bloom

floral wallpaperfloral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper brings an unadulterated burst of liveliness to any room it’s added to. That’s why it’s an emerging trend this fall, just like earth tones: it honors the outdoors while remaining safely indoors.

Floral wallpaper is incredibly versatile too, because it gives you plenty of options ranging from light, delicate blooms to vibrant, bold blossoms.

Steeped in purples, oranges, and greens, fall floral patterns bring a whole new color palette into the mix and feel earthier in comparison to their spring and summer counterparts. Place these beautiful florals in your home through wallpaper, patterned pillows, or artwork.


#3 - Integrated Hardware for Seamless Looks

Integrated Hardware for Seamless LooksIntegrated Hardware for Seamless Looks

Integrated hardware is one of the more interesting fall design trends. While a lot of current trends tend to err on the side of boldness, this one goes in the opposite direction.

Integrated hardware is a design choice where drawers, cabinets, and similar gateways have their knobs or handles built-in as opposed to being installed separately. This conveys a seamless, sleek look that has less surface area you have to worry about cleaning.


#4 - Embrace Your Green Thumb

Embrace Your Green ThumbEmbrace Your Green Thumb

It’s no secret that purchasing and caring for indoor plants has been a huge trend throughout the last few years. The truth is… this trend isn’t slowing, or going anywhere. Many individuals have found that purchasing and caring for houseplants can be as satisfying as caring for a pet. And there’s no better time than now to add some leafy green roommates to your home.

With the arrival of fall, mother nature won’t be able to provide and sustain fresh greenery outside for much longer. So bring those plants indoors and care for them as best you can.


#5 - A Fall-Forward Color Palette

A Fall-Forward Color PaletteA Fall-Forward Color Palette

Pops of color bring contrast, freshness, and energy into your home in any season. And fall is no different. Color is easy to incorporate, too, as adding a bit of color doesn’t need to involve new wall coverings.

Instead of heading to the paint store to find a new fall shade, pick up some colorful throw blankets, drapes, centerpieces, accent pillows, vases, bedding, or wall art. These little items can go a long way in bringing new, refreshed colors into your home.

But what colors make for a good fit this fall? Navy blue and plum make a great contrast against any nude or neutral furniture or decorations. The darker colors also help usher your home into fall, toning down your spaces from the light and bright colors of summer.


#6 - The Golden Touch

The golden touchThe golden touch

Gold is a classic interior design trend that will never truly go out of style. It’s a timeless look that creates visual interest through texture and shine, something that can’t be achieved through other colors or patterns.

This fall, add soft touches of gold to your home through utensils, cabinet hardware, lamps coasters, or picture frames to add some fall style to your home’s spaces. Because gold is richer than other neutrals and beiges, it also gives off some much-needed warmth for the cooler fall season.


#7 - Natural Wood Decor

Natural Wood DecorNatural Wood Decor

Changing leaves, while gorgeous and vibrant in color, also reveal the beautiful bark and wood they stem from. Bring some of that wood into your home to give your home an earthy and welcoming look. 

Wood adds new and exciting textures thanks to the different grains of wood you can find. For example, wood slices give you both the smooth and jagged texture of wood in a single piece of decor. If you’re not sure how to use those slices in your home, they make for great seats (if they’re large enough), mantle decorations, or table centerpieces.

#8 - Bright, Playful Patterns

Bright, Playful PatternsBright, Playful Patterns

If your home has plenty of solids, patterns and prints are excellent for mixing things up. Bright and playful geometric patterns make themselves known through throw pillows, upholstery, wallpaper, and art. They’re great additions to spaces thanks to their bold colors and shapes, drawing attention and capturing wandering eyes.

Even your area rug can rock a playful pattern that sets the tone for the rest of the room. For example, our patterned wool area rugs come in fun, classic patterns like diamonds, keys, and waves. 


#9 - Let Go and Have Fun

While it conveys no specific decor choice, it instead reflects a changing in society’s general attitudes. A change toward being bold, appreciating the time you have, and not worrying about judgment from others while you have your fun.

Long story short: get the pink velvet couch or the fiberglass carousel horse you’ve been dreaming of placing center stage in your home. If you love it, it’s a good design choice.

Turn Over a New Leaf in Your Home

The fall interior design trends above can help you reinvent your home and embrace a whole new look. So if you want to press reset on your home’s look and vibe with trends like being bold, putting up floral wallpaper, using earth tones, and more. 

Tune in later this year to find out what the emerging trends will be for winter. In the meantime, you can consider using natural fiber rugs like the ones you can find at Sisal Rugs Direct to add some warm, comforting earth tones to your own living space. Browse our wide selection today.

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