How to Buy an L Shape Rug

How to Buy an L Shape Rug

An L shape rug might not be what anyone pictures when they think rug, but they have a surprising number of uses and could be perfect for your space.


When most people imagine a rug, they think large, rectangular, and patterned. You probably picture it under a doorway, in the middle of a living room, or covering some hardwood in a hallway or a bedroom.  

Most rugs you’ll encounter in your day-to-day will fit this description to a tee. But not all of them. There are rugs of all shapes, sizes, and styles suitable for any use you can think of. You can even customize your own size and shape to create the perfect rug for your space.

L shape rugs are a great example. Once you start to consider all the possibilities that custom shaped rugs can offer, the potential of something like an L shape rug quickly becomes apparent and exciting.

Looking for a little inspiration? Here are just a few ideas on how you could use an L shape rug, and how you can go about finding the perfect match for your needs.

How to use an L shape rug

Round a corner

When you start to consider this as a possibility, it’s surprising how many corners in your home might be perfect for an L shape rug. You could place them in hallways to direct foot traffic from one room to the next, place one at the top of the stairs, or even just use them to more cohesively connect one room or space to another.

If you do want to use an L shape rug in a hallway or another space that receives a lot of foot traffic, you may want to consider getting one with a durable, rugged thread like wool or sisal. If you’re worried about the rug moving underfoot, you could also get a custom-shaped rug pad.

Suggest a pathway

Placing an L shape rug in any room is a great way to subtly guide the eye and even foot traffic through it. You could place your L shape rug in your living room as a runner rug, for example, and have it point toward a piece of art you want to accent or the main living area you would like to use.


If you have an open floor plan, you could use an L shape rug to demarcate spaces for different uses. Try running an L shape rug from your kitchen or living room to your dining room, for example, or use an L shape rug to direct guests from your front entry way into the room you’d like them to visit first.

Build a cozy nook 

L shape rugs are a great way to define spaces within spaces, especially if you use them to complement your other design arrangements. For example, you could arrange furniture in an L shape in a corner of your living room, then place an L shape rug under or around this furniture to create a cozy talking nook within the larger space. 

L shape rugs could also help you subtly disassociate different areas of the same room from one another. If your study is in the same room as your living room or bedroom, for example, you could put an L shape rug around the area where you work to separate it from the areas where you sleep or relax.

How to buy an L shape rug

This is the easy part. Whatever size or material you’d like your L shape rug to be, Sisal Rugs Direct can custom make it for you right away. 

To get started, just measure the area you want to cover with your L shape rug. Keep in mind how much of that area you want the rug to actually cover; for example, if you want to leave some room for your hardwood to peek out, then leave an inch or two of extra space between where the rug will go and the wall.

Next, consider some practical concerns. Is your L shape rug going to be in an area of your home with a lot of foot traffic? Will people step on it in their shoes? Will pets run across or sleep on it? If so, you might want to go with a more durable or even waterproof fiber material.  

Finally, you get to the fun part: color and texture considerations. How do you want your L shape rug to accent the area where you’re putting it? Do you want it to blend in with the rest of the decor or stand out? Is there anything you’d like to highlight or complement with the color or texture of the rug? 

Whatever style you’re interested in, Sisal Rugs Direct can create a rug with the right color, pattern, and texture for you.

When you’re ready to look for the lovely L shape rug you’ve been longing for, Sisal Rugs Direct is here to help. Get started browsing or contact us with your measurement specifications and leave the rest to us.


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