Jute Rugs In The Dining Room? Yes!

Jute Rugs In The Dining Room? Yes!

Dining rooms can be one of the most challenging areas of your home to decorate. Whether you have a formal dining room or an eat in kitchen, the functional nature of that space means that you often have to get creative with your dining room’s decor. 



One of the simplest and most practical places to start is by adding a jute rug under your dining room table. It’s a simple and effective way to add some visual interest and texture as well as a great way to protect your floors. 

Why jute? When you consider which rugs both look good and can stand up to heavy foot traffic and heavy chair traffic, jute rugs are a clear favorite for feel, durability, and looks. 

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Adding a rug under your dining room table is an easy decorative win, but looks aren’t everything. A dining room rug needs to be able to stand up to foot traffic as well as chair wear and tear. This may be less of a concern in a formal dining room that is only used a few times a year. However, in dining rooms and kitchens where meals are eaten at least once a day, durability is key. 

Jute rugs are ideal dining room rugs due to their natural fibers. This addition to your dining room will last for years to come. 


Pulling chairs in and out on jute rugs without worrying about roughing up your rug is a good start. But when you are selecting a rug for your dining room, you also have to consider how it will feel. After all, when you’re actually sitting at the dining room table, thinking about your rug’s durability won’t give you much solace if your feet are resting on a scratchy, uncomfortable rug. 

Again, jute rugs come through for your dining room needs. The jute plant is naturally soft, so when its fibers are woven into rugs, that softness carries through. That natural softness makes jute rugs an ideal choice for keeping your feet comfy and cozy for each meal. 

How to maintain a jute rug

Since you can plan on your jute rug in your dining room for years to come, it’s a good idea to know how to care for it. Jute rugs are low maintenance, but they will last longer and look better with a little attention. 

And when we say it’s easy to maintain a jute rug, we mean it. All you need to do is vacuum it occasionally to make sure debris isn’t settling into the nooks and crannies between the fibers. But be careful when vacuuming—never use a vacuum’s beater bar on a jute rug! The high-speed impact of a beater bar’s bristles is bad news for otherwise sturdy jute rugs. Most vacuums have a setting for suction only, so it is simply a matter of making that adjustment before you start. 

How to clean a jute rug 

Let’s face it, the dining room is a high-risk area when it comes to spills. But that doesn’t mean your jute rug has to be a chronicle of every time you tipped over a cup or dropped a plate of food. Jute rugs are relatively easy to clean, you just have to know how to clean them properly. 

The first rule of cleaning a jute rug: do not put it in the washing machine! A bit of liquid from a spilled drink won’t ruin your jute rug, but submerging it in water just might. Instead, use a spot-cleaning method for any spills. 

For solid spills, scrape up what you can using a dull knife. If there are crumbs or other small dry bits left over, you can vacuum them up. If there is any residue, use the process below for cleaning spilled liquids. 

For spilled drinks or other liquids, press firmly with a paper towel, rag, or sponge to soak up the excess liquid. Continue pressing firmly—never rubbing or scrubbing—until all the excess moisture has been absorbed. 

If staining is a concern, such as from tomato sauce or red wine, dabbing the spill location with club soda or a specialty rug cleaner will help bring the unwanted food substances out. And in cases where you would prefer to avoid introducing additional moisture, a dry cleaning agent is also an effective way to clean up after a spill. 

Jute rugs belong in the dining room

Jute rugs are ideal dining room rugs for their durability and softness. They also come in multiple varieties, so no matter what style you’re looking for or how big your dining room table is, you can be confident that you’ll find the custom jute rug of your dreams. Check out all our jute rugs today! 


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