Quick Guide To Finding The Perfect Rug For Your Space

Quick Guide To Finding The Perfect Rug For Your Space

Finding the perfect rug for your space can be fun and when you room comes together it makes it all worth it.


With various different materials, sizes and styles available, choosing the right rug for a room can feel a little overwhelming at first. Use this quick guide to narrow down your options and find a rug that suits your style as well as your space.

Choosing material

The material you select will largely depend on where you want to place the rug. If it’s an area where people walk frequently, many natural-fiber rugs are durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. An outdoor space or an indoor room with higher moisture levels, such as the bathroom, will require a synthetic fiber such as polypropylene. If you need a rug that is cozy and plush, consider a sisal wool rug.

Determining size

Are you searching for a large area rug? A hallway runner? Or a smaller entryway rug? Before even looking at sizes, first decide how you plan to use the rug. Then you can start measuring and looking at sizes with these tips in mind.

  • In the dining room, choose a rug that is large enough so you can pull out chairs without scratching the floor.
  • If your living room sofa and chairs float, anchor your furniture with a rug large underneath each piece.
  • Go with your gut. There are many different opinions out there stating how much floor space you should leave uncovered. What is actually right, however, depends on your own personal preference and what feels right.

Selecting style

Are you searching for a rug that is subtle and sophisticated? Bold and colorful? There are many different styles of rugs to choose from. Narrow down your options by considering the style of your space so you can find a rug design to match. 

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