Shake Things Up With A Custom-Shaped Rug

Shake Things Up With A Custom-Shaped Rug


Custom Belize Dune & Brasilia Ash rugs

Rectangular rugs might be the norm in interior design, but they certainly aren't your only option. Custom-shaped rugs and sizes allow you to stray from the ordinary and try something new. Here are some unique rug shapes you might consider.

  • Hexagon and octagon: These rugs are great for kitchen areas or underneath dining room tables. Hexagon and octagon rugs still feature a circular shape, but they have straight edges that allow for a larger binding. 
  • Pentagon: If your room is an unusual shape, a pentagon rug could be your best solution, and it will certainly give your space a one-of-a-kind look. Every natural-fiber and outdoor rug we offer can be made into a pentagon shape. 
  • Round and oval: Round and oval-shaped rugs work well underneath circular tables, like in the dining room. If you have a curved sofa, try a round rug in the living room. Small oval rugs are perfect for any entryway. 
  • Square: Similar to rectangular rugs but still slightly different, square rugs can be used in many different environments. If you have a square table in the dining or living room, consider adding a square rug underneath. 

The next time you're in the market for a rug, take a moment to explore all of your options. With custom shapes and sizes available, Sisal Rugs Direct makes it easy for you to find a rug that is perfectly suited for your space. 

Need a custom size with corner clips, cutouts or other special considerations?  Send us a diagram today to get started on your project!

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