How to Define Rooms in an Open Floor Plan

How to Define Rooms in an Open Floor Plan

Like the look of open floor plans? After you tear down walls, learn how to create defined spaces in your open floor plan with one simple accessory.


Open floor plans have become so popular that we rarely see a newly constructed home without one. It makes sense that people love the look, as open floor plans often seem more spacious and relaxed than alternative designs. Fewer walls also make it easier for families to converse and avoid feeling cut off from those in other rooms. That being said, there are some challenges in having an open floor plan. One problem that homeowners face when decorating each room is defining areas. When the living room, dining area and kitchen are all one large room, how can one create distinct spaces? The easy answer? Rugs!

Large area rugs show others exactly where one room ends and another begins. They also anchor furniture and prevent pieces from "floating." You can easily fit two area rugs in one room, simply by choosing similar shades, textures and materials. Two natural-fiber rugs, for example, can contribute to a cohesive look, all while separating areas to make defined rooms. If you feel similar rugs will look bland, consider layering one with a colorful fabric. The layered-rug style works especially well in areas like the living room.

Bring a more focused look to your open floor home with a little help from Sisal Rugs Direct. Here you can find a wide selection of natural-fiber rugs, in both custom sizes and shapes.

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