Why A Scratching Post Is A Good Idea For Your Home

Why A Scratching Post Is A Good Idea For Your Home


Cat Post

Cats scratch for several reasons. Sometimes it's to shed the dead outer layer of their claws and other times it is to mark their territory. Cats also love to scratch simply because they like to stretch out their bodies and have the chance to flex their paws. 

The problem with cats scratching when they live inside a house, however, is that they often damage furniture in the process. This is why it's beneficial for cat owners to also own a cat scratching post. With a post, your cat can stretch out and scratch whenever he or she wants and you won't have to deal with unsightly furniture. 

Providing a scratching post for your feline friend is easy. There are many ready-made posts available today, and you can choose from varying heights and designs. Once you have the scratching post in your home, encourage your cat to use it by sprinkling the post with catnip or hanging a toy from the top. It might take some time for your cat to adapt, but you can speed up the process by rewarding your cat each time he or she uses the post instead of your furniture to scratch. 

At Sisal Rugs Direct, we offer cat scratching posts that are made from wood and covered in 100 percent woven sisal, which means it will not shred. Start browsing your options today! Cat scratching posts are the best way to keep both you and your cat happy.  Order a set of sisal remnants to complete your post.

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