Freshen Up Your Entryway With These Modern Rug Ideas

Freshen Up Your Entryway With These Modern Rug Ideas

Your entryway rug is your first impression. It gives you the opportunity to set the tone for the style you want to evoke throughout the rest of your space. With the right modern entryway rug, you can start impressing as soon as anyone walks through your door.



But what is the right rug for your entryway? It can be hard to settle on one style. To help you narrow it down, here’s what we think you should consider when you go about finding your modern entryway rug. And when you’re ready to make the decision, we even threw in a few options to get you started.

What makes a good modern entryway rug?

A good entryway rug has a few important missions to accomplish. Here’s what to keep in mind as you consider yours.


Entryway rugs usually have to contend with a lot of foot traffic. Those feet are often in dusty, dirty or muddy shoes and boots. To make sure your rug lasts and stays looking fabulous, choose a tough material meant for transitional spaces between the indoors and outdoors.

Polypropylene is a great choice for entryway rugs because it’s mildew-resistant and it’s easy to clean. Polysilk also retains the qualities of synthetic fibers, making it perfect for indoor-outdoor spaces, and still feels as soft as wool. 

If you’re more interested in natural fibers, seagrass and jute are both durable choices for a modern entryway rug, too. 


When it comes to the size of your entryway rug, you have a few choices based on what you want. For example, if you want a small, placemat-like rug right under your door, then you could choose to go with a small, rectangular rug with a backing or pad that will keep it from slipping out from under you when you step on it. 

If you’d rather have a rug that frames and accents your entryway, on the other hand, you could go with a larger rug in whatever shape complements your space best.

Whatever size you need, Sisal Rugs Direct can provide - and in any shape or fiber you want. Start by measuring your entryway to get an idea of the largest rug you’d be able to use.


Sure, rectangular, mat-like entryway rugs are a classic for a reason, but they’re not your only option. For example, you could try a longer runner rug to fill your entryway and provide a natural and comfortable walkway. 

If you’d like to mix up your style even more, a round rug could make for a stylish accent piece in your entryway. These rugs are great for making entryways feel bigger, bringing out the shape and beauty of other decor in the room, or just pleasingly drawing the eye.


Your entryway rug is probably going to be the first thing you and your guests step on as you enter your home. You don’t want to slip on it or for it to slip out under you. You can prevent this in a few, easy ways.

First, you could choose a rug with a more textured, intricate weave. This would make the rug easier to walk on without slipping. If your entryway has flooring that your rug might skid around on, then we also recommend investing in a rug pad

Modern entryway rug ideas

Of course, you don’t just want your modern entryway rug to perform its jobs admirably. You also want it to look good! Luckily, with the right rug, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing practicality for style. With rugs like these, you can have it all. 

Embassy Indoor Outdoor Commerical Polypropylene rugs

Embassy Indoor Outdoor Commercial Polypropylene rugs & carpet make for gorgeous modern entryway rugs, especially if you’re looking for a striking, modern color scheme and pattern to either complement or strategically contrast with the rest of your entryway. 

Carmen Polysilk Outdoor rugs

Carmen Polysilk Outdoor rugs beautifully modernize the traditional woven look of a wool rug by using synthetic fibers. This also makes Carmen polysilk rugs extremely durable and easy to care for. Make sure you check out each of your color options on this one: the intricate weaving brings out each of the coloration options in unique and eye-catching ways.

Aruba Outdoor Sisal Polypropylene rug

The Aruba Outdoor Sisal Polypropylene rug collections highly unique diamond pattern and coloration options can make it a major statement of a modern entryway rug. Like other polypropylene rugs, the Aruba rugs are also highly durable, so you don’t have to worry about the pattern fading or tearing. 

Felipe Outdoor Sisal Polypropylene

Speaking of striking patterns, the Felipe Outdoor Sisal Polypropylene rug collection will add an intricate geometric style to your entryway, perfect for drawing out the cozy qualities of the rest of your space. Felipe rugs are extremely easy to clean and will withstand anything your boots can dish out.

Even if none of these quite catch your eye, don’t worry - we’re just getting started. Just get started with our online rug customization builder to design the perfect modern entryway rug for your needs.

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