Which is Better: Rope or Woven Cat Scratching Posts?

Which is Better: Rope or Woven Cat Scratching Posts?

For many, cats are more than just pets—they are a part of the family. As a loving cat owner, you want to make sure your favorite fur baby has the best. Sometimes that comes in the shape of a pet-friendly natural fiber rug for them to lounge on. 



Other times, it means getting them a rope or woven cat scratcher to exercise their little paws. Anything to keep your indoor cat happy! Here’s everything you need to know about sisal rope for cats and then some.

Rope vs. Woven Sisal Cat Scratcher

It's essential to find a scratching post that your furry friend will prefer over your furniture. Many pet owners find that their cats like sisal scratching posts and that they prefer it to other materials (including upholstery!). But not all sisal cat scratching posts are the same, and not all are as effective as the rest. When it comes to choosing between rope and a woven sisal cat scratcher, you'll find woven sisal to be a much better solution for your cat and home. 

Cats love woven sisal due to its rough texture. Woven sisal cat scratchers have a more resistant surface, which makes scratching more challenging – and fun! – for the cat. They are also more durable, which means your scratching post won't shred and the fabric won't come apart. 

On the other hand, when using sisal rope for cats, the material can become sharp after scratching. It can cause the cat discomfort and lead to the cat abandoning the post altogether.  By choosing a woven sisal cat scratcher post, you will be protecting your furniture and giving your cat an opportunity to stretch out, mark his territory and shed the outer layer of his claws. 

Picking the Best Woven Sisal Cat Scratcher

If you aren’t already aware, cats can sometimes be quite particular. To the point where they want their woven sisal cat scratcher in a certain shape. Here are some tips on how to choose the best sisal scratching post for your space:

  • Scratching post with a perch: for the lazy cat who likes to scratch but also wants a nice designated space for nap time
  • Scratching post with ramp: if your cat is an aggressive scratcher, a post with a ramp can stand up to the strength of their scratches
  • Regular scratching post: For people who live in apartments or smaller spaces, a regular woven sisal cat scratcher will do. It will fit the space while still giving your cat room to climb and scratch
  • Litter box mat: Keep litter from tracking all over your home with a woven sisal cat scratcher mat next to the litter box. They can scratch and leave litter bits on site.
  • Hanging scratching pad: If the issue is that your catch scratches your doors rather than your furniture, then a hanging scratcher is what you need. You can hang it on a doorknob and let your kitty have at it.

Post Up

There are many different sizes and styles of woven sisal cat scratcher posts to choose from. Thanks to sisal's natural color and interesting texture, any post you choose will complement, not compromise, your interior design. Browse through various options for sisal remnants to recover your scratching post to find the right fit for your cat. 


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