12 Organic Rugs for Your Living Room

12 Organic Rugs for Your Living Room

When you first start looking for organic rugs for your living room, you might be intimidated by how many choices you have. You have quite a few organic materials to choose between, and each has its own practical and aesthetic advantages. And even after you do land on a material, you’ll have to pick between styles, weaving patterns, colors, and more.



It can be hard to get started when you don’t know what to look for. We want to help. This is what you should know about each of the materials that are well-suited to organic rugs for living rooms, including what each material excels at and why you might pick one over another.

Let’s find the perfect rugs for your living room.

Great organic rugs for living rooms


Dorado Sisal Rug Collection, Mayan Tan

Sisal rugs are richly and ruggedly textured, making them especially striking as decorative centerpieces or runner rugs. Despite its natural ruggedness and texture, however, sisal is also softer than it looks, making it comfortable to walk on in bare feet.

Most sisal rugs come in natural, neutral earth tones of beige, yellow, brown, and dark red, though we also offer dark blues, gray, and black options. They’ll look equally beautiful in warm-toned living rooms nestled among furniture or standing out on their own in the center of a hardwood floor.

Sisal rugs for living rooms

  • The Dorado sisal rug collection (pictured) features the quintessential sisal weave and comes in a variety of beautiful, naturalistic colors, making a perfect runner or wall-to-wall living room rug.
  • The Bella stain resistant sisal rug collection is a good example of the kind of elaborate patterning you can get with sisal rugs, and they come in a variety of colors for matching or pleasantly contrasting your living room’s flooring.
  • The Maya sisal rug collection has a distinctive wave-like pattern that draws and soothes the eyes, making it a great way to add a harmonious texture to your living room. 
  • The Arrow patterned sisal rug collection has an elaborate flat woven chevron pattern design that will add an element of flair and distinction to your living room.


seagrass rug

Seagrass rugs are woven from natural fibers derived from dried sedge plants that are grown in saltwater marshes. The highly sustainable, reed-like material is naturally soft, smooth, flexible, and strong, giving it ideal qualities for a rug you can depend on. Seagrass rugs can’t be dyed, but they come in a variety of natural light-brown, beige, and sage-green natural tones that make them a beautiful addition to rustic, natural interiors. 

Because seagrass fibers each bear unique, natural variations in weave and color, every seagrass rug also has its distinctive look and texture. Adding to these distinctive qualities, seagrass fades to a khaki color over time, which lends it a naturally weathered look that makes it ideal for rustic or neutral aesthetics. 


hemp rug

Hemp is a completely organic material known for its softness, durability, and natural beauty. Like seagrass, it can’t be dyed, but its natural warm, light tones make it perfect for a neutral rug that will fit into a wide variety of living room spaces. 

Keep in mind that every hemp rug is handwoven. This gives them a unique character and an artisanal appeal but may mean that the rug’s weave is not perfectly straight in appearance. As a natural and undyed fiber, hemp may also fade slightly over time—though it will retain its durability and softness.  If you’re looking for a rug that will bring out the natural charm of your living room, hemp might be your ideal choice.


wool rug

Wool is the softest organic material rugs are woven from, making wool rugs feel especially warm, soft, and comfortable underfoot. Wool fibers are also naturally very durable, which makes them a great choice for areas with high foot traffic. Properly cared for, wool rugs can endure constant bustle for years without tearing or fading. 

Wool rugs come in a huge range of customizable styles, colors, and patterns. See if the following collections suit what you’d like your living room rug to accomplish, but rest assured: even if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, we have the right wool rug for your needs.

Wool rugs for living rooms

  • The Florence wool rug collection (pictured) is exactly what you probably picture when you think wool rugs: light, bright, neutral, soft, and cozy - perfect for living rooms.
  • The Camila wool rug collection has a subtle pattern and light, eye-pleasing pastels that will help your living room feel uplifting, breezy, and comfortable.
  • The Amara wool rug collection is crafted from multiple undyed yarn colors in a herringbone style that accentuates highlight colors and will tie your living room together.
  • The Key wool sisal rug collection uses a combination of wool and sisal fibers to create an intricate, striking design pattern that could complement furniture or flooring and highlight a thoughtful aesthetic.


Bengal jute rug

Jute is a long, shiny fiber harvested from mallow plants. All of the jute Sisal Rugs uses to weave rugs is harvested sustainably from the Bengal Delta Plain. Jute fibers are naturally soft, and weavers soak them in water to further soften them before weaving them into rugs. As a result, jute rugs are very soft and comfortable underfoot, despite their natural, coarse appearance.

While they aren’t as naturally strong as wool rugs, jute is a very low-maintenance and durable material, making it highly useful for areas of moderate foot traffic like living rooms. Jute rugs are also easy to clean, good for pets, and available in neutral yellow, beige, grey, and off-white tones. It’s easy to find a jute rug for virtually any living room.

Jute rugs for living rooms

  • The Bengal jute rug collection (pictured) is the perfect showcase for the beauty of jute rugs. We weave together two differently colored jute fibers to create a rug with a beautifully varied, two-tone look.
  • The Basketweave jute rug collection accentuates the handwoven qualities of jute rugs even more than most other jute collections.
  • The Artisan jute wool blend rug collection weaves together jute, wool, and polysilk fibers to create a modern-looking rug with a distinct irregular pattern and a soft feel.

No matter which organic material or collection you choose for your living room, you can be sure you’ll end up with a beautiful, high-quality rug that will last and look great. 

Want to see even more options? Check out our full collection of customizable rugs online and get started designing the perfect choice for your living room.

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