3 Natural Color Pallet Ideas to Create a Calm Space

3 Natural Color Pallet Ideas to Create a Calm Space

Design a calming and beautiful space using earthy colors. These three natural color pallet ideas from Sisal Rugs are easy to bring into the home.


Some people assume that interiors need to feature a variety of bold colors to be beautiful and alluring. Anyone who spends a lot of time in nature, however, knows this is not the case. Natural, organic colors bring a soothing style to areas like the living room and bedroom, and when combined with textured materials, they can be very interesting, too. Try these there earthy color combinations in your own home to design a calm, comfortable and radiant space. 

Green, brown and white

If you like the energy that fresh green plants bring to a room, consider a color combination that incorporates shades of green. Pops of vibrant green from your accessories, combined with warm brown furniture and white walls, create an energetic and calming home.  

Blue, white and gray

For the bedroom, consider a blue, white and gray color combination. Blue is said to lower stress and relieve anxiety, helping you and relax and even fall asleep in your personal sanctuary. White and gray are cool colors that complement blue nicely, maintaining the soothing space you're trying to create. 

Beige, brown and ivory

If you love the textures found in materials like sisal, wood, wicker and burlap, try a neutral color scheme that uses shades of beige, brown and ivory. The warm colors create a cozy and sophisticated interior. 

Calming colors are far from boring. Try these natural color palette ideas in your home to design a beautiful and relaxed space.

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