Rugs Perfect for the Hospitality Interior Design Trends of 2024

Rugs Perfect for the Hospitality Interior Design Trends of 2024

Hospitality interior design trends are often harbingers for popular designs to come. These are the styles grabbing attention in 2024.


In the hospitality industry, interior design is no minor consideration. For hotels, evoking the right style through thoughtful and stylish interior design can be the difference between attracting travelers and losing business. 

Given how important interior design is for the industry, it’s not surprising that hospitality trends tend to be harbingers for the big design trends that break through to the general public. Interior design experts tend to keep a close eye on developments in hospitality interior design to get an early sneak peek at what could become the next big thing.

Experts from the industry are already noticing some prevalent trends that could dictate the direction interior design takes for years to come. These are the trends that are popular this year - and how the right rug could help bring them to life in your hotel or home.

Biophilic design

The top interior design trend to watch in 2024 is biophilic design. Numerous design experts, including those at Design Hotels, Hotel Executive, and Hotel & Resort Design South have predicted that biophilia will be the ascendant design trend across the hospitality industry this year, appearing everywhere from luxury hotels to more modest accommodations.

The biophilic design philosophy is all about using interior design to evoke elements of the natural world. For the hospitality industry, this is all about making their guests feel more connected to nature throughout their stays. Natural materials and light, plants, water features, earth tones, and natural motifs are all common features of biophilic design.

Rugs are another great way to evoke biophilia in an interior space - in fact, we wrote a whole blog about our favorite biophilic rugs.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness 

In the past few years, implementing and demonstrating sustainable practices has become a strategic priority in the hospitality industry. According to’s 2023 Sustainable Travel Report, 76% of 33,000 surveyed travelers said they were looking into more sustainable travel and lodging options for their next trips. Many of these travelers (43%) even said they would be willing to pay more for certified sustainable travel options.

If you’re looking for sustainably-created rugs, Sisal Rugs Direct has you covered. We specialize in custom natural fiber rugs made from 100% organic and sustainably sourced materials.

Multi-use lobby spaces

When  Hospitality Design asked Founder and Principal of CRÈME design Jun Aizaki about hotel design trends he expected to see in 2024, he told them about multi-use lobbies:

“Flexible layouts and multifunctional areas cater to a diverse range of preferences. Mixed-use lobbies that go beyond the traditional check-in area, which can serve as a social hub with various types of activations like pop-ups or art installations.”

Adding multiple rugs to a single, large room such as a lobby is a great way to define discrete areas within one room. You could put a wool rug under some furniture to create a cozy seating area in your lobby, place a runner rug or L shape rug in the walking area to help guide visitors to the reception desk, or place a stylish rug at the entrance to welcome travelers checking in.

Bold, monochromatic colors

In their write-up of Interior Design Trends of 2024, WATG Creative Director John Paul Pederson predicted that bold, monochromatic colors will sweep hospitality design this year:

“Make a bold statement with the resurgence of vibrant, monochromatic color schemes, enveloping entire rooms in a single, dynamic hue. This trend involves painting not just the walls but extending the color to the ceiling, floor, and even the upholstery, creating an immersive and cohesive aesthetic experience.”

Rugs are an easy and highly effective way to add a commanding splash of color to a space. A rug could be just what you need to unite a room's aesthetic around a single, colorful element, bringing out the style of the rest of the interior. 

You could also use colorful rugs to bring out the other trendy elements mentioned here. For example, green rugs are a great way to enhance the biophilic design of a room, while natural cabin runner rugs help sustainably establish a cozy, rustic vibe with color and texture.

Pet friendliness

Also in their collection of 2024 trends, WATG Managing Director Deepu Mahboobani pointed out that pet-friendly hotels are so in demand this year that it’s having a significant effect on hospitality interior design:

“[Hotels are] embracing the rising demand for pet-friendly spaces, reflecting the growing number of pet owners who face challenges when traveling or staycationing with their furry companions. Designers are focusing on creating environments that are not only welcoming to pets of all sizes but also ensure their comfort and safety. This includes the use of durable, easy-to-clean materials, innovative furniture that accommodates pets, and dedicated areas within living spaces that cater to the needs of different pet species.”

Rugs made out of natural fibers are a great way to make spaces more pet-friendly. Adding sisal, jute, hemp, or seagrass rugs to hotel rooms or common areas is a great way to show that you care about keeping furry friends comfortable.

When you’re ready to embrace any of these trends, Sisal Rugs Direct is ready to help. Check out our rug customizer to create the perfect rug for your interior design ambitions.


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