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From entertaining weekend guests to settling in for a family movie night, living rooms see a lot of activity. And with so much action, there’s bound to be spills and messes. This presents a problem, however, for most homeowners. Our living rooms are filled with our best decor and furnitur
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From installing new floors to rearranging furniture, renovations can mean surface-level adjustments, teardown transformations, or both. But what makes or breaks some of the best home renovations? While we may be a little biased, we would argue that a good area rug can make all the differen
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Every kid dreams of having their own treehouse — an oasis of their own where they can make believe, camp out, or play games with friends. But who says adults can’t have one, too?Pete Nelson and his team of expert builders step in to make that dream a reality. And Animal Planet is there t
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You’ve found the perfect mid-century modern couch, but your current living room decor reads more traditional. Or, you’ve spied some gorgeous throw pillows with bright geometric designs, but you’re worried they’ll clash with your industrial armchairs.Mixing interior design sty
Whether it's preparing a meal, hanging out by the kitchen island while entertaining, or cleaning up, the average person spends roughly 2.8 hours each day in the kitchen. However, arguably the most important part of the kitchen is its ability to help you cook efficiently, store all of your nifty
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