Color is essential to the design of a room, especially the color of your rug. An area rug can completely transform the look and feel of a room, which is why you want to choose wisely. When designing a custom rug, you can choose from a variety of colors. If you’re not sure what colors will work in your space, ask yourself the following questions to help narrow your choices.

What’s the rug’s function?

The color you choose for a rug largely depends on what purpose the rug has in the room. If you want it to stand out as a centerpiece, choose a color that contrasts with the floor or even a patterned rug. If you’d rather the rug blend into the rest of the room’s decor effortlessly, shoot for a rug with a color similar to the floor.

What’s the ambiance in the room?

Think about the feel of the room when selecting a color for a rug. Is it a bright and open room full of movement and excitement? Is it a calmer, quieter space? Typically, lighter colors add energy and expand a room, while darker tones tend to make a room more intimate and cozy.

Thanks to the Create a Rug tool, you can preview various combinations of colors, border colors and flooring backgrounds to see what a custom rug will look like in your room. Play around with a few options and then choose a color that’ll fit the best in your home.